Tuna Avocado Salad

4:13 PM Nana Jover 15 Comments

Being a body conscious yet a certified foodie, it's sometimes hard to delve into my suppose to be dietary plan. It's always an effort for me to say no to belly fattening foods. I have to cut on my rice intake but salivate at the sight of cupcakes and salted caramel cakes and reassure myself that it's just a snack. The truth is, It's hard when you get hungry all the time and then I decided to get a substitute to my sweet cravings with something that is very beneficial to my body and hungry stomach..

So for today's recipe, is really quick and easy to make not to mention that it is loaded with health benefits and nutrients perfect for a daily snack. Tuna Avocado salad is never actually new because you can find the recipe all over the net. The main reason why I choose this is because I love tuna and avocado contains different vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals and avocados are rich in fiber!

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Simplicity with Dresslink

3:40 PM Lala Granada 11 Comments

Hello everyone school just started that's why I was not able to do some outfit post for quite awhile. It's been a busy week for me. I'm on my third year now as a pharmacy student and for sure I'll be facing a more hectic schedule than ever. 

But having a sister who constantly bugs me about coming up with a content would certainly push me to do so :P Although I know she's pressuring me since she's currently having a meltdown due to her busy schedules with work and She's also cooking up something too (her top secret for now) But it's something that she's always wanted to do. So, kudos to her for being such a great bully. hahaha 

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8 Things Social Butterflies Wants You to Understand

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I am burning itch to write this post and I finally took the opportunity to write it down. How am I suppose to start this? I guess by saying that I am a social butterfly and I like it this way hahaha. Why chosen this topic? It's all because a few weeks ago I had a series of arguments with a wallflower,  I know wallflowers and social butterflies are exactly the polar opposites, calling into question the things we do is a bomb drop for us. Although at some point we can be both an introvert and extrovert, but we want you to understand that we are odd species and  that we were granted a special portion  of chitter-chatter, being friends with us or dating us can  be very tiring, why? because........

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Denim Dungaree

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 You know those types of clothes that are made to be worn when you are in a rush and you feel like you have nothing to wear? But instead of digging  your closet and create piles of clothes you turn to your last resort  -  Emergency Clothes as we call it. Thanks to the gods and goddess of fashion for creating such. Although emergency clothes comes in different variations from slip dress to tunic dress and Jumpsuits, the thing is these kinds of clothes doesn't need  extra time to mix and match.

In my case, it's this denim short dungaree or overall, It doesn't need any ironing haha. An ideal choice for an out of town road trip. Given the benefit that dungaree's are a combination of comfort, flirty and playful it's truly a perfect pick for  those weekend escapades. 

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USGoBuy Stylish Fashion for everyone

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Fashion has developed through the ages and will continue to improve and change. We see it all the time department shops and through online shopping. We see fashion trends that soothing to the eye and then that support to buy it overwhelms us we want to look our extremely best in public. We tend to pass opinion when we see other individuals dressed in clothing that is unsuitable or grungy by today’s standards.  No issue the facts, the desire to look our extremely best remains our best main concern.

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Dare to Shine + Giveaway

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I am ceaselessly obsessed with play suits, but I always go for neutral and darker colors, one  that ain't so flashy, but for this one it's the other way around. I wholly went further than my usual fashion fascination. 

Who can resist this  lace double  layer play suit with split back from www.stylemoi.nu it's intricate lace details make it hard for me to say no to it. Although, honestly, I spend hours deciding whether to take it or not. Given that I love how it looks I was hesitant because of the color. As I've said  I am not into flashy colors but wew!!! How glad I am that I did choose it. The color wasn't bad at all... Dare to shine? You surely would with this playsuit ha-ha

 I pair it with a multiple row chain necklace still from Stylemoi. ahhhh the cutest necklace ever. 

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