Simplicity with Dresslink

June 23, 2015

Hello everyone school just started that's why I was not able to do some outfit post for quite awhile. It's been a busy week for me. I'm on my third year now as a pharmacy student and for sure I'll be facing a more hectic schedule than ever. 

But having a sister who constantly bugs me about coming up with a content would certainly push me to do so :P Although I know she's pressuring me since she's currently having a meltdown due to her busy schedules with work and She's also cooking up something too (her top secret for now) But it's something that she's always wanted to do. So, kudos to her for being such a great bully. hahaha 

Also last week we received our orders from I am happy with this New Stylish Lady Women's Sleeveless Sexy Backless Two-Piece Set Slim Dress
It's exactly an outfit that projects simplicity, but I especially love the open bow back top. It's really a cute set right? and believe it or not it's only $6.69

I must say that dress link is one of the cheapest online store you will find on the web, shipping is very fast too, although I am not sure with some other countries but we received ours 3 weeks after it has been shipped.

I also love their flash sale campaign wherein you get to buy an outfit for only $0.01 amazing right? hahaha don't believe me? then check it here 

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have a great, happy week =) 

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11 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Hiya babe, lovely outfit sooo soo cute and i love ur shoes
    thanks for sharing this with us.

    Visit me whenever u can;

    Have a lovely week!
    Stay in touch.

    Dominica S.

  2. Great outfit I like the top :)

  3. love the bow detail on your top.

  4. really like the skirt top combo, back bow is adorable

  5. This is such a cute outfit... and I love the purple shoes, my favorite color... you look really great xox

  6. The top is so adorable, I like the detail at the back. Love the colour of the skirt.
    I totally need someone to start bullying me to put up posts.

  7. Your shoes are gorgeous! :) I love them!! Your whole outfit is amazing!