8 Things Social Butterflies Wants You to Understand

June 18, 2015

I am burning itch to write this post and I finally took the opportunity to write it down. How am I suppose to start this? I guess by saying that I am a social butterfly and I like it this way hahaha. Why chosen this topic? It's all because a few weeks ago I had a series of arguments with a wallflower,  I know wallflowers and social butterflies are exactly the polar opposites, calling into question the things we do is a bomb drop for us. Although at some point we can be both an introvert and extrovert, but we want you to understand that we are odd species and  that we were granted a special portion  of chitter-chatter, being friends with us or dating us can  be very tiring, why? because........

here are the top 8 things you must understand about Social Butterflies:

1. We itch for wanderlust - Like real butterflies we don't stay in one place way too long. It bore us, we relentlessly dream of being in one place to another. The word travel is a delicious sugar, chocolate coated doughnut to us. 

2. The world is our playground - We take crack  to be sociable as we can, we love to hang out with hordes of people because we are comfortable with different crowds. But don't get us wrong, we just happen to steer in a sea of strangers with ease that at the end of the day most of them become our friends.

3. Now you see us, Now you don't - we have our days where we would retreat back to our cocoon too. We would flee and go into hiding without warning. These are days that we refuse to flaunt our wings and interact. So, don't take it personally if we are not replying to your text messages or calls, or when you invite us to party and we decline. We simply need time to recharge. But seriously, never disturb us because we hate it so much. hahaha

4. We are a little vain - But do not mistake us as egoistic, It's just that the outer shell is also important to us that is why you will most likely see us spend hours choosing what clothes to wear and parading in front of a mirror. The world is our runway and we take fashion with great consideration.

5. Never pin us down - we are not the clingy time, so we hate it when someone would pin us down or cut our wings off. The only way for a relationship with a social butterfly to work is to never...never hold us back down.

6. We have an eclectic interests - we have a diverse interest that seems to never agree with each other. It confuses us sometimes but we love taking it all. 

7. We often Change our mind -  We wanted to eat pizzas and after a few second we decided to eat burgers. 

8. We are a busy bee - we often keep a planner to help us track our schedule.  Believe me without it we'll definitely forget a lot of stuffs. Social Butterflies are high achiever and perfection is a must to us. We can be very hard on ourselves sometimes. But we still love being a busy bee because it frustrates us if the show stop running.

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Great read! Now i quite understand social butterflies now :)


  2. I'm a social butterfly who is an extrovert... I still need my time alone to recharge... I think we all need that from time to time. I definitely need a planner or I will forget everything too ♡ xox

  3. Lovely post


  4. Woow, i really love this pic ! <3

  5. Lovely lovely photos♡♡
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog♡

    Have a good weekend♡