Denim Dungaree

June 09, 2015

 You know those types of clothes that are made to be worn when you are in a rush and you feel like you have nothing to wear? But instead of digging  your closet and create piles of clothes you turn to your last resort  -  Emergency Clothes as we call it. Thanks to the gods and goddess of fashion for creating such. Although emergency clothes comes in different variations from slip dress to tunic dress and Jumpsuits, the thing is these kinds of clothes doesn't need  extra time to mix and match.

In my case, it's this denim short dungaree or overall, It doesn't need any ironing haha. An ideal choice for an out of town road trip. Given the benefit that dungaree's are a combination of comfort, flirty and playful it's truly a perfect pick for  those weekend escapades. 

Denims on the other hand are one classic  staple that never goes out of style. Year by year we can see it making waves down the runway as  fashion designer catalyzed their latest designs using these fabrics and recently is pushing through with the idea of comfort and fun, hence the birth of their denim collections which includes different styled overalls - your choice of short or long.

I admit that in the past, I was no fan of denims being a girly girl, denims is never an option for me. If you happen to see my past outfit posts you'll surely notice that this is the first time you've seen me worn a dungaree ha-ha. I guess Stylemoi has its way of influencing their buyers. As I've said in my last week posts Stylemoi not just your typical online  shop rather its a fashion portal, wherein you can inspire at the same time be inspired.
These are some of my favorite overalls among the Style Moi denim collections. See more denims by visiting their site.
1. Boyfriend Denim Over All Link Here
2. Over all Denim Shorts link Here 
1. White Denim Dungaree Short Link Here
2. Over all Denim Shorts link Here 

You can also get a free tattoo on every order made at stylemoi.

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26 Sweet Thoughts

  1. You look so pretty with your denim,but just wondering if that tattooed is true?

  2. Love the head band & shoes too!

  3. Love the dungarees!!!

  4. Nana, you look very cute in your outfit, yes I know what you mean about a go to look that is easy and looks great, thankfully most of us have that one... xox

    I love that jeans always stay in style, just the cut changes from time to time ... I have noticed more and more styles in now which is great xox

  5. u rock those onesies
    Keep in touch

  6. Look maravilhoso amei lindas imagens

  7. Those overalls are so fun and cool! And wow your legs are gorgeous!!! That shot on the wall is especially wonderful, very exciting :) Beautiful lady!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Following you for sure :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  8. Those overalls are just perfect

  9. I love this post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  10. I'm so in love with this whole look!
    xx Alina
    Maybe you want to check out my blog? :)

  11. Looking good! Love the crop top and the overalls - so fun :)

    xx Yasmin

  12. The overall are too cute and such a great way you styled it too because they are still girly. I just got myself a pair and they are so great for the summer to just throw on.

    <3 Nina

  13. Cute outfit dear and great blog too! If you maybe want to follow each other,let me know on my blog :)

  14. You look so chic Nana and i love your tattoo its so cool!

  15. stunning
    you look so lovely
    that dungaree fits you perfectly

  16. thanks for your lovely comment!I'm following you :)

  17. I love your blog and I really like this outfit. As promised, I joined your followers # 1543 I hope you do too.

  18. Love the outfit! *-*
    I'm a new follower! Hope you follow me back :)

  19. omg! i really love this look! you look gorgeous! :) btw, thanks for visit and comment on my blogs. :)

  20. You look amazing in this Dungaree.Its fits so well and the styling is perfect.New fan on GFC hope you get to visit my blog too.Keep in touch.