5 Facts that you will learn from the movie GOYO: Ang Batang Heneral

September 09, 2018

What makes a good leader? What is the true meaning of freedom? this is the questions I've been pondering the whole time I was watching the movie Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. A historical epic film that depicts the life of the young General Gregorio Del Pilar. It was aired last September 5. 

I have to admit that the movie was heart-wrenching never really thought that I would cry in the end. But I don't want to be a movie spoiler so instead of revealing the story, here are 5 facts I learned from Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral

A poor leader will lead his people to destruction -  The movie Goyo sites the morbid effect caused by a faulty leadership of an incompetent leader. A leader who prefers relationships over principles, comfort over dignity.

History will most likely to repeat itself - Aguinaldo's leadership mirrors of what is happening in today's society. Nepotism still does exist and people bribing people for their loyalty and position even to the point of putting the unfit people in the right job. The movie simply shows that not paving the way to learn from the mistakes of the past will cause us to succumb to repeated tragedies.

Sometimes loyalty will blind us from seeing the truth - during the scene where Goyo is trying to torture and encourage Major Manuel Bernal (General Luna's Loyalist) to join them and sworn his loyalty to Aguinaldo but Bernal refused to changed his allegiance and mocked Goyo instead telling him that he was not a soldier but rather a dog following all Aguinaldo's command and that even if Gen. Luna died in a cold death he died  fighting for what he believed in. Bernal's words haunt the young general until his death. And true that General Goyo died not knowing exactly if what he is fighting for is right or wrong. In his heart, he knew he was fighting for his country.

Not all heroes are good boys, some are playboys - and just like the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, Gen. Goyo is also a womanizer who swoons ladies off with their feet wherever he goes. 

We are not really free - unless we let go of our own demons and selfish interests. As General Luna said "our greatest enemy is our self" 


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  1. Haven't heard of this movie. It looks like it will be a good one.