Moliabal Review: Daily Hairstyle

2:53 PM Nana Jover 5 Comments

Happy Sunday everyone! Finally, I get the time to do this post. I'm not sure if when was the last time I ever talk about  hair frustrations, but I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who goes through this on a daily basis. Having a long hair and having to live in an awfully hot tropical country is a real struggle. 
Everyday I have to either pull my hair back into a pony tail or twist it into a braided bun which  becomes ordinary and boring. 


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Multi-Style Convertible Dress by Coco Melody

11:55 AM Nana Jover 7 Comments

Hello lovelies recently launch their most stylish bridesmaid  dress that is under $100 yes you heard it right it's under $100.

If you are a soon to be bride looking for low cost yet diverse and stylish dress for your bridesmaid then I suggest you pick this a-line chiffon convertible dress!! for only $89 you can dress your bridesmaid in different styles! This dress is also available in Both long and short versions.

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Floral In Summer

2:48 PM Lala Granada 18 Comments

Hello everyone, here is my second outfit post, unlike my sister who seems to have a lot of ideas stuck in her mind where every word seems to just decant with no effort from her brain I on the other hand is still trying to get the hang of the blogging world, I still have a lot of things to discover and learn.  But I am getting more excited everyday.

Last Saturday my sister and I got invited by Sta. Barbara Heights to attend to their summer festival events  which my sister Nana will blog about soon. I wore this Pink Floral V-neck Flare Sleeve Romper Playsuit from which I think is suitable for the event. I want a simple yet comfortable outfit and I am glad for this playsuit which I find really comfortable.

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Spicy Sloppy Joe

12:35 PM Nana Jover 6 Comments

I must admit I love food! I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to experiment with different flavors, cooking academy and chocolatier are my favorite mobile games hahaha. I must say I am one desperate aspiring cook. But seriously, way back when I was in grade school, It is my dream to become  a chef  - a pastry chef to be exact because dessert is my piece of heaven. 

That fervor was set aside for a while  but was recently kindled again when I was looking for a diversion from all the anxieties and what is better distraction than food? So, I decided that every weekend I should try to cook something and for the second week I choose this recipe. 

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5 Things That Stops You From Pursuing Your Dreams

3:47 PM Nana Jover 15 Comments

I was flipping through the pages of my planner that also serves as my diary and a question I've written a few months back caught my attention. Written in bold letters and highlighted in yellow. "What is the number one reason, you are not following your dream today?" a wave of self -reproach and glumness washed over me. Because that same question -  I am asking myself today.

Life lately have caused me to discontinue what I was so keen to accomplish a few months back. Things are jarring in my emotional universe and my need for clarity is even making it difficult to coincide. This morning though I decided to sort things out and find the answers to what keeps me postponing my  life long dreams.

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The Benefit of Travelling

4:06 PM Nana Jover 2 Comments

My Travel to Thailand  made me realized the immensity that the world has to offer, all we need is to be enthusiastic enough to get out of  our comfort zone and try to explore new soil. It gives me a deeper insight and appreciation of the things around me, but at the same I felt at peace with myself. 

My first main purpose why I wanted to travel is because it has been sitting on my bucket list for years and years. Realization never dawned me that I have to get out of the mechanical box and stop doing the daily routines that's giving me tight nerves, but instead I've been itching to tick it off from my list just because I yearn to do so, but I never realize that by travelling it  would awaken something in me,  it just didn't yield me a sense of fulfillment but comes with it are very important lessons.

 Travelling will change you and you will never be the same person again and here is why? 

1. Travelling will change you - They say that when you explore the world you also explore the world within you. Everything you see, everything you discovered will make you search within your soul. Travel can change your viewpoint about everything - yourself and the world around you. Something you  never thought possible.
2. Take Time To Smell The FlowerPeople who know me knows how restless I am  as a person. My life was a relentless pursue of time. When you travel it will teach you to slow down because it's the only way for you to appreciate the things around you. The bonus part is  you get to stay up late and wake up late without the fret of getting late at work.
3. To Find Value In Individual DifferencesTravelling will teach you to recognize the value of the different concepts in human nature. When I was in Chiang Rai we went to this place that is exactly the opposite of each other - the first one was the white castle or Wat Rong Khun from afar you will definitely be captivated by its glittering facade and its whiteness are almost blinding the human eyes. It was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen and the other one was the black house or the Baan Si Dum, home to a hundred of animal bones and skeletons which I find it really eerie and weird. Both artists have different aspects, but both instill efforts in the name of art. By understanding the uniqueness of each individual you will value them as a person. 
4. Communication vs Connection - language barrier is probably the most common problem every traveler encounter when going to non English speaking country. But what I learned about during my travel is that no matter how hard the communication is the connection between two people will still make it easy. 
4. Everyone has A Story To Tell-  great stories waiting to be heard, lived and retold. I love listening to other people's stories because you will garner significant insights from it. And travelling  will concede you access to a different world aside from your own. 

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Struggles of Every College Students

3:28 PM Lala Granada 11 Comments

Hello everyone Lala here this is my very first post,  I recently joined my sister Nana in her venture as a blogger. And honestly, as a neophyte in the blogging world, I find it a little difficult to cope up with what my sister has been doing for years. She has her own blogging practice and the system she follows is exacting. But nonetheless I find it very exciting. 

For my first post I decided to talk about the struggles of every college student has to go through, being in my 3rd year as pharmacist students. It made me realize that unlike high school, in college the struggles are real.

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Choco Hazelnut with Melted Mallows Sandwich

3:13 PM Nana Jover 12 Comments

Hello everyone, my sister recently decided to join me in my blog. It's all new to me since I've always been accustomed to work alone, but I am definitely open to changes  and comes with this transformation are  new ideas.

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Bridesmaid dresses by Promtimes

10:00 AM Nana Jover 1 Comments

Fashion without limit! That is one thing that insinuate when they propose their collections of Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses.  Now one won't be having a hard time searching for a bridesmaid dress to be worn at a wedding. Promtimes wide range of selections and designs will definitely make you feel like a bombshell!

Bridesmaids dresses are also important as the brides's dress and prom times understand that. PromTimes is one of world's leading online retailers, operating throughout the United States and Europe. We have the largest apparel and sports equipment sites on the Internet. Across our integrated enterprise, PromTimes offers a wide array of national, private and exclusive brands which reflect the Company's commitment to providing customers with style and quality at smart prices.

At PromTimes, they believe their customers are more than just a transaction. they focus on the way we can win together: inspire their customers and grow their business. This also reflects their mission to gain each customer's satisfaction.

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