The Benefit of Travelling

May 08, 2015

My Travel to Thailand  made me realized the immensity that the world has to offer, all we need is to be enthusiastic enough to get out of  our comfort zone and try to explore new soil. It gives me a deeper insight and appreciation of the things around me, but at the same I felt at peace with myself. 

My first main purpose why I wanted to travel is because it has been sitting on my bucket list for years and years. Realization never dawned me that I have to get out of the mechanical box and stop doing the daily routines that's giving me tight nerves, but instead I've been itching to tick it off from my list just because I yearn to do so, but I never realize that by travelling it  would awaken something in me,  it just didn't yield me a sense of fulfillment but comes with it are very important lessons.

 Travelling will change you and you will never be the same person again and here is why? 

1. Travelling will change you - They say that when you explore the world you also explore the world within you. Everything you see, everything you discovered will make you search within your soul. Travel can change your viewpoint about everything - yourself and the world around you. Something you  never thought possible.
2. Take Time To Smell The FlowerPeople who know me knows how restless I am  as a person. My life was a relentless pursue of time. When you travel it will teach you to slow down because it's the only way for you to appreciate the things around you. The bonus part is  you get to stay up late and wake up late without the fret of getting late at work.
3. To Find Value In Individual DifferencesTravelling will teach you to recognize the value of the different concepts in human nature. When I was in Chiang Rai we went to this place that is exactly the opposite of each other - the first one was the white castle or Wat Rong Khun from afar you will definitely be captivated by its glittering facade and its whiteness are almost blinding the human eyes. It was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen and the other one was the black house or the Baan Si Dum, home to a hundred of animal bones and skeletons which I find it really eerie and weird. Both artists have different aspects, but both instill efforts in the name of art. By understanding the uniqueness of each individual you will value them as a person. 
4. Communication vs Connection - language barrier is probably the most common problem every traveler encounter when going to non English speaking country. But what I learned about during my travel is that no matter how hard the communication is the connection between two people will still make it easy. 
4. Everyone has A Story To Tell-  great stories waiting to be heard, lived and retold. I love listening to other people's stories because you will garner significant insights from it. And travelling  will concede you access to a different world aside from your own. 

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2 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Nana... I want to travel for all the reasons you listed... there is so much beauty to be seen in this world and I hope to see it all one day... or at least a great deal ♡