Struggles of Every College Students

May 06, 2015

Hello everyone Lala here this is my very first post,  I recently joined my sister Nana in her venture as a blogger. And honestly, as a neophyte in the blogging world, I find it a little difficult to cope up with what my sister has been doing for years. She has her own blogging practice and the system she follows is exacting. But nonetheless I find it very exciting. 

For my first post I decided to talk about the struggles of every college student has to go through, being in my 3rd year as pharmacist students. It made me realize that unlike high school, in college the struggles are real.

1.Stress- Stimulating Insomnia - all those sleepless nights you spent studying for your exams. And your body clock gets used to it automatically get a head start in the waking process, even on weekends. 
2The acrid taste of self doubt - when those rounds of exam kicks in you tend to doubt  whether you'll be on top of the first tier or lower tier of the ranking scheme. Do you really belong here? Can I really make it? Those self doubts questions are endless.
3. Summer Classes - While when the rest of the world is posting photos of them lounging on the beach or traveling on Facebook and Instagram, you are caught in the four walls of  your school taking summer classes.
4.  Internship - while you assess the long term benefit of the internship, you can't help but still feel anxious because here you are being tested off how knowledgeable you are. It's like your first work, only you don't monetize from it instead you'll be graded base on your performance. 

What I'm wearing:

Top: Local Philippine Store
Sandals: Local Japanese Store

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11 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I love teh shorts! They look so cute.
    Great post!


  2. After a long break I am officially back and thank you so much for your support!! I deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. Great post! You look so cute and adorable, love all about your outfit, but the top and the sandals are to die for! I will be very happy if you check my blog, and if you like it, would you want to follow each other on “GFC” (blog followers), and “Google+”? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    "Health & Beauty"

  4. Cute look... being in college can be highly overwhelming but I'm sure you will do well ;-)

    Good Luck ♡

  5. This could not be more accurate! At 02:39 I sit here stressing about exams and dealing with my insomnia! This post made me feel better though, I know I'm not alone! Lovely blog, I'm a follower and cant wait to see more from you! <3

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by and for following! I'm following you back now on ”GFC” (#1536) "Maria"
    Keep in touch sweetie! Hope you have a fabulous week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  7. Welcome to the blogging world Lala! For sure i-guide ka ni Ate sa blogsphere.. I can relate to the things about college struggles, but I'll tell you what, Mas madali pa rin maging student kesa mag-work na in the real world. You'll understand it when time comes... Good luck in your college life dear!
    p.s: kumusta kay ate Donna ;)

    love much,

  8. Lovely frames & shorts, dear!

  9. lovely outfit dear, you look great:)

  10. Good luck with your studies! Hard work always pays off. Cute black outfit! I think it's always best to do your own thing when it comes to blogging.

  11. Pretty


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