Spicy Sloppy Joe

May 14, 2015

I must admit I love food! I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to experiment with different flavors, cooking academy and chocolatier are my favorite mobile games hahaha. I must say I am one desperate aspiring cook. But seriously, way back when I was in grade school, It is my dream to become  a chef  - a pastry chef to be exact because dessert is my piece of heaven. 

That fervor was set aside for a while  but was recently kindled again when I was looking for a diversion from all the anxieties and what is better distraction than food? So, I decided that every weekend I should try to cook something and for the second week I choose this recipe. 

I first came to learn the existence of the Sloppy Joe way back in 1995 while watching the movie "It Takes Two" wherein it was the Olsen Twin's favorite food. I guess maybe it was just the way that Mary Kate  devours the sandwich that I got so interested in it. It was only  in college that I had my first taste of it.

And last Sunday I decided to make this for Mother's Day. I made mine a little spicy because we love peppery foods.
1 pound ground beef
Hamburger Buns
1/4 chopped onions
1/4 chopped bell pepper
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon prepared mustard
3/4 cup ketchup
3 teaspoon brown sugar
MAGGI Magic Sarap, Salt, Chili Powder and Black Pepper to taste
1 bowl of Shredded raw cabbage
Potato Fries for side dish (Optional)

1. In a skillet in a medium heat  cook ground beef, chopped onions, and bell peppers. 
2. Stir in garlic powder, Ketchup, Magic Sarap, mustard, brown sugar and simmer for 30 minutes.
3. Season with salt and pepper
4. While waiting cook french fries and toast the buns
5. Once cook arrange shredded lettuce on the bun first, add the cooked sloppy joe, add a little mustard at the top.. and your done! 

Enjoy =)

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6 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Ah! such a mouthwatering! yumm :p I love to cook too. But I'm not expert. Last time I tried, it took 3 hours for me to make a tom yum soup :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  2. omg this looks so good and simple! you made me really hungryyy :((
    I want to try this, thanks for sharing!


  3. Aww this is a simple yet tasty recipe! I've always loved the burger + fries combination!


  4. Nana... I learned how to make sloppy joes in junior high and really loved how tasty they were.. yours look very yummy xox ♡

  5. sounds good