Moliabal Review: Daily Hairstyle

May 31, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! Finally, I get the time to do this post. I'm not sure if when was the last time I ever talk about  hair frustrations, but I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who goes through this on a daily basis. Having a long hair and having to live in an awfully hot tropical country is a real struggle. 
Everyday I have to either pull my hair back into a pony tail or twist it into a braided bun which  becomes ordinary and boring. 


Recently I found out about an Italian range dedicated to luxury hair accessories and It made my think that I can definitely wear the same hairstyle everyday without making it look bland and boring by the help of the stylish hair accessories from moliabal. Their timeless and sophisticated collection can rock up any classic ponytail and hair bun!

Handmade in Italy from the highest quality resin, Moliabal hair accessories are lightweight and comfortable.
Silk, chiffon, crystals and beads are also used throughout the collections. Below, you can see different easy hairstyle you can wear everyday but pump up with Moliabal accessories. 

Thank you for visiting don't forget to leave your thoughts and blog links. Be sure to check Moliabal for more beautifully ornamented and crafted hair accessories.

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6 Sweet Thoughts

  1. The two pins are wonderful!

    Have a lovely Sunday :)

  2. Wow this is so cute! I love the butterfly pins!

  3. I love the butterfly clips ... they are so cute. When my hair was long I would have loved adorable hair pieces like this ♡ xox

  4. I just purchased a few clips a few days ago because of my darn bangs and these clips look so cute, I want a pair too! I also want a headband because I just broke my last one a few weeks ago. :( I miss wearing a headband. xx

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle

  5. These hair accessories are so cute!

  6. Such cute and fun hairstyles! The steps are simple to follow and I cannot wait to try! I'm so glad you like it. For more facts about french braided hairstyles visit this site here now.