On Blogging and Dealing with Negative Comments

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Happy Travel To: Canyon Cove Batangas

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Canyon Cove Resort in Batangas is where the wedding of my cousin took place. It was a nice resort with entirely huge pools and beautiful beach.   Anyway we had an amazing day there we did not let the day passed without soaking and basking under the sun. The day after the wedding we gleefully took that chance.

Batangas is actually a 3 hours drive from Manila (Capital City of the Philippines) I'm from iloilo so we have to take a 1 hour flight from Iloilo to Manila and from there a 3 hours drive to Batangas. The travel really took a grasp on me but it's all worth it. The Place is beautiful, simply paradise =))

For more info about the resort feel free to check here http://www.canyoncove.com.ph/

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The Traveler

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Day 6 of the 30 days Challenge

oh my how i miss blogging =)I've been out of town for several days to attend to my cousin's wedding and there is no internet connection, reason that i wasn't able to update my blog. It was an amazing beach wedding so, do expect me to share photos of my 4 days vacation the next few days =) First I'll be posting what i wore on my first day trip to Manila. I decided to wear something laid back.

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Dickies
Bag: LV
Bracelet: Korean Bazaar
Sandals: Online Buy

How about you guys? what have you been doing this past days? =)

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Things I Learned from Blogging

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It all started with Chictopia yep that is the very first fashion site I’ve joined and although writing is one of my preferred things in the world to do it never really occur to me to blog and let the rest of the world skim through the hidden chronicles of my thoughts. But somehow Chictopia had change that concept. Browsing through the gallery I got inspired, I am a big lover of fashion but I used to be one of those people who are just afraid to take that certain leap and freely expressed myself.  That is one reason why I got piles and piles of unused clothes.  I just love buying them but never actually wore them for fear that people might scrutinize me for being different.  To picture it out - its like “I don’t want to wear a dress where everyone is wearing pants”   

But, seeing all those beautiful bloggers and their unique style I gained confidence. I asked my sister to take a photo of me - the very first photo for chictopia at first I am very hesitant afraid that I might get criticized but I was wrong.  Getting my first comment and first friend request ( I know you know that feeling )triggered me for more.   My chictopian friends are just soooo wonderful and I'll be forever thankful for all their support.   to note here are some of my very first chictopian friends =) Stella of http://mychoicesaremystyle.blogspot.com/ Rhemmel of http://rhemel.hyves.nl/ Style Mafia http://style-mafia.blogspot.com/

Here are the things i learned from Blogging:
  1.  To be more confidentLearning to trust and love your self is one way to gain confidence. Learn how to accept who you are and never limit yourself on things that you can be. Never be afraid to stand for what you feel and what you think. Nothing is more profound than loving one self  and loving oneself exudes confidence.
  2. The Do's and Dont's in Fashion- blogging had opened a totally wide variety of  trends to me. I love reading other fellow bloggers blogs and it taught me a lot of things related to fashion.
  3. To Reach out- Being a blogger you have to be friendly, Don't be afraid to reach out. Join Group discussions, comment on other bloggers post  etc. etc. You can also join bloggers network like IFB - Independent Fashion Bloggers and Better Bloggers  Network.
To sum it up Don't be afraid to share what you know. There are lots of people seeking for answers and they might find it in your blog.. =))

Here are the 2 bloggers network you might want to join =)
Be my friend add me:  http://betterbloggernetwork.com/profile/DonnaGranada

Be my Friend add me:  http://community.heartifb.com/pg/profile/nana84

How about you fellow bloggers? what did you learn from blogging? feel free to comment and oh don't forget to leave you blog link =)

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White is Serenity

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Day 5 

I am very willing to share whatever i know or feel i know about finding some serenity in this lifetime. 

Today I finally found the serenity I've been trying to grasp these past weeks. Indeed, it's true that true peace can only be found in God's love.  Today, i wanted to celebrate that tranquility by wearing something white. =) And oh with me are my 2 adorable Chiuaua - Mini Pinscher babies

I'm on day 5 for the 30 Days of Style Challenge and honestly speaking i am already itching to buy new items hahaha but i have to stick to my goal i know in the end it will be worth it. (For my new reader friends you might be wondering what I'am talking about so check it here =) http://www.talesofashopaholic84.blogspot.com/2012/06/30-days-of-style-challenge.html)

Meet my Dorito and Sachiko - Sad to say they used to be 3 but the other 1 got sick and died =( They are only 1 month old...
Top: Mi-Tu - I really love this top

Bag- Gitano
Shoes - Thrifted
Jeggings - a Gift
Vintage pearl necklace - Korean Bazaar

How's your day? do you guys love dogs too? what is your favorite pet?

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Days of Blue

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4Th Day of The 30 Days Challenge

We all have our days of blue - those days where you feel so stuck up and you feel like moving forward is intricate and the world just stop gyrating for you and problems just kept tumbling down on you. I’m having one of those days today prolly because I woke up this morning with an intense headache. But life moves on as they say so I decided to wear this outfit to compliment my mood for today.

Don't you think this Bow Pin is just cute? this can be worn as a hair pin too

I especially love the lace skirt.. 

White top: Hanes
Lace skirt: Thrifted
Vintage shoes: Thrifted
Headband/Ring/Bow Pin: Korean Bazaar

Here are some of the blue relievers i came across from the book "Our Daily Bread"

  • Remember that your troubles did not take God by surprise. He is still in control.
  • Believe that God has a solution, a provision, or a gift of wisdom to match your difficulty.
  • Pray, affirming your faith in God and expressing your confidence in his loving purpose for you.
  • Wait with expectancy and availability, trusting God to work out his perfect will.
  • Praise him - even before he acts.
Hope your not having one of those blue days like i do. =) how's your day? and oh pls. don't forget to leave you blog link. i would love to visit them =)

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Day 3 of the 30 Days of Style Challenge

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Day 3 Romantic Lace

We all wanted to look nice for our someone special. Don't we?  This is my wardrobe choice for a sweet romantic date. =) I have this lace skirt for so long and i only used it once because honestly I have a hard time  looking for the perfect top to pair it with. Luckily, i recently got this black lace top and i know it would perfectly fit with the skirt. LACE on LACE now that's romantic =)

Bib necklace - Korean Bazaar Bought
Infinity Silver Cuff Bracelet - Korean Bazaar Bought

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The 30 Days of Style Challenge

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This is a challenge that I imposed on myself. The main objective of this is to dare myself to wear clothes that are available on my closet for 30 days – meaning no new clothes, shoes etc. for a month. I wanted to discipline myself from being a compulsive shopper. Although I am not really the type who splurges on expensive items, still, I want to try the art of restraining.

This challenge did bring a lot of positive effect on me. On the1st 2 days I am able to sort out my wardrobe and found a lot of unused clothes – clothes that I thought I never had =)) 2nd I would woke up every morning very excited, rummaging through my closet and vanity table =)) Well to be honest I’ve been buying a lot of new stuffs these past months. So I’ve been sticking to those new items that I have forgotten I still have stuffs hidden in my closet used and unused.

To start here is my Day 1 and Day 2 outfit.. (Me sure gonna post al lmy 30 days of style looks )


I decided to wear to church. It's raining very hard so to keep me warm i wrapped myself in this leopard print dress paired with my recently bought pumps.

Dress - Thrifted 
White Belt - borrowed from my mom 


Off to Work  i had this top and short with me for like a year and this is actually the first time i get to wear them. I absolutely love the vintage lace top. 

Vintage Top- Thrifted 
High waist short- Rampage
Brown slim Belt - borrowed from my sister
Vintage Bag - Borrowed from my Mom
Ethnic Neckalce

I'd love to hear from you guys.. So feel free to comment =)) Hugs and Kisses 

P.S pls. don't forget to leave your blog links.. I'll be very happy to visit your sites =)

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Green Tea Skin Toner

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Green tea will make an excellent skin toner because it contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E and C. These two elements can help strengthen skin's natural defenses. Not to mention that green tea  is very affordable.
I myself is a big fan of green teas i make it a habit to drink every day and with this i also found another use for it.


1/2 cup distilled water
2 teaspoon green tea or 1 tea bag of green tea

What to do:

Boil water. place leaves in a bowl. pour the boiling water on the leaves and allow to soak for 3-5 minutes. Strain the tea leaves and leave to cool for a few minutes.Pour in a small container

How to use:

Apply to your face using cotton. Apply gently and do not rinse.

Another Tip:

I would often fill an empty bottled water with green tea at night, put in the fridge and in the morning i would use the cold green tea to wash my face. It helps soothes puffy eyes. =)

How about you guys? do you love green tea? =)

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Sweet Dreams

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" Sweet dreams are born inside you, Sweet dreams are born to last. sweet thoughts within your makeup, the thoughts that will always last.

Vintage Top: Thrifted -  i really, really love this vintage top.  Wearing it feels like I'm going back into time. Also reminds me of dreams,Lolita and Doll dresses. One thing i love about it are the frills and the laces. Not to mention it comes with detachable sleeves (As seen on last Picture)
Shorts: Dickies
High heeled Snickers: Thrifted
Tin Box: Borrowed from my little niece
Headband: Online Bought

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Guilty Pleasures

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I am recently addicted to shoes i don't know why but i just can't get enough of it. I always have this urge to buy  whenever i get the chance. These past 2 days as I've said on my previous post I've been going around hunting and looking for bargain stuffs. Today I'll be sharing with you my recent shoes buy. =))

Why i Like this?
I love this black pumps so much it's perfect to wear on my cousin's wedding,
I love the stiletto heels and the encrusted black crystals.

My special someone choose this shoes. He said he love the black
and red combination and the red studs, the truth is I'am very hesitant to buy this one
since i am eyeing a different shoes. Lucky me he bought this one for me. hahaha

Here are my new babies

I love this cream Pumps because of it's chunky heels.

I fell in love with this shoes the moment my eyes set on it. Probably because I am currently
drawn to floral patterns and I've been looking for shoes with this kind of pattern.
The heels is not so high so it's nice to wear on casual days.

I can't wait to wear them =)

How about you guys? What have you been doing this weekend?

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The Spicy Pineapple-Orange Mull

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It's been awhile since my last Healthy Recipe Post and I am so excited for this one. Thanks to my granny for this delicious recipe. 1st day of June and it is marked with heavy rain just one proof that summer has ended. Anyway, this recipe is a warming, spicy drink which is perfect for the rainy day.


3 cups pineapple juice
1 cup orange juice
1 cinnamon stick
4 whole cloves - you can find this in your local supermarket under the spice section
2 tablespoon honey or sugar

Put the pineapple juice, orange juice, cinnamon stick, cloves and honey in a medium sauce pan. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat. Cover and simmer for 20 min. Remove the cloves. Serve Hot.

Give it a try guys and feel free to comment here... i would love to hear from you =) and oh feel free to share your thoughts on my Share your Thoughts Chat box ---------->


I'll be posting soon my 1st of June Thrifting Day... I had soooo much fun this afternoon doing all my bargain hunting for rainy season clothes. Yay! 

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