The 30 Days of Style Challenge

June 08, 2012

This is a challenge that I imposed on myself. The main objective of this is to dare myself to wear clothes that are available on my closet for 30 days – meaning no new clothes, shoes etc. for a month. I wanted to discipline myself from being a compulsive shopper. Although I am not really the type who splurges on expensive items, still, I want to try the art of restraining.

This challenge did bring a lot of positive effect on me. On the1st 2 days I am able to sort out my wardrobe and found a lot of unused clothes – clothes that I thought I never had =)) 2nd I would woke up every morning very excited, rummaging through my closet and vanity table =)) Well to be honest I’ve been buying a lot of new stuffs these past months. So I’ve been sticking to those new items that I have forgotten I still have stuffs hidden in my closet used and unused.

To start here is my Day 1 and Day 2 outfit.. (Me sure gonna post al lmy 30 days of style looks )


I decided to wear to church. It's raining very hard so to keep me warm i wrapped myself in this leopard print dress paired with my recently bought pumps.

Dress - Thrifted 
White Belt - borrowed from my mom 


Off to Work  i had this top and short with me for like a year and this is actually the first time i get to wear them. I absolutely love the vintage lace top. 

Vintage Top- Thrifted 
High waist short- Rampage
Brown slim Belt - borrowed from my sister
Vintage Bag - Borrowed from my Mom
Ethnic Neckalce

I'd love to hear from you guys.. So feel free to comment =)) Hugs and Kisses 

P.S pls. don't forget to leave your blog links.. I'll be very happy to visit your sites =)

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. That is a great challenge ;) I've been on a 'shopping diet' for two months now. it is HARD!


  2. What a fun challenge, great outfits you put together!

  3. That's a good idea - I need to do that! Just took a serious look at my finances and need to not shop for a month. haha sigh :(

  4. really good challenge, maybe I should try it, haha. lovely outfits tho! good luck on your challenge


  5. Would love to try this challenge myself! :) Although, I would have to go first on a massive shopping trip before I start lol. Would love to see more of your outfit posts.


  6. Thank you so much guys for all the positive response =)

  7. This is such a Great Idea!