White is Serenity

June 14, 2012

Day 5 

I am very willing to share whatever i know or feel i know about finding some serenity in this lifetime. 

Today I finally found the serenity I've been trying to grasp these past weeks. Indeed, it's true that true peace can only be found in God's love.  Today, i wanted to celebrate that tranquility by wearing something white. =) And oh with me are my 2 adorable Chiuaua - Mini Pinscher babies

I'm on day 5 for the 30 Days of Style Challenge and honestly speaking i am already itching to buy new items hahaha but i have to stick to my goal i know in the end it will be worth it. (For my new reader friends you might be wondering what I'am talking about so check it here =) http://www.talesofashopaholic84.blogspot.com/2012/06/30-days-of-style-challenge.html)

Meet my Dorito and Sachiko - Sad to say they used to be 3 but the other 1 got sick and died =( They are only 1 month old...
Top: Mi-Tu - I really love this top

Bag- Gitano
Shoes - Thrifted
Jeggings - a Gift
Vintage pearl necklace - Korean Bazaar

How's your day? do you guys love dogs too? what is your favorite pet?

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10 Sweet Thoughts

  1. These puppies are so cute. Nice outfit.

    1. Hi Jenny Thank you. visited your blog though i can't understand German =) but im loving that leather jacket and maroon pants. looks cute on you =)

  2. oh my goodness those puppies are adorable! and sooo tiny!!

    and i feel you girl - i get that itch to go shopping all the time...ugh. i really need to stop shopping! somebody give me the willpower...lol

    1. Thanks for the visit Jess. yeah it;'s reaaly hard when you're already addicted to shopping LOl that's why i have to come up with something to discipline my self - The 30 Days of Style Challenge =)

  3. i love your white look girl!
    you are too cute and your dogs are awesome too


    1. Thanks Brooklyn Grace.. Love your features on your blog. =)

  4. He is the cutest little thing! Precious.


    1. Thanks Nish for visiting my blog. followed you thru blog lovin. That Empanadas and pizza of yours looks delicioussss.Seriously it makes me hungry LOL wanted to comment on your blog but i can't seem to find your comment button. =)

  5. Love the top, and those puppies are sooooo cute!

  6. Omg, the little pupies are the cutest!
    And you have a beautiful smile :)
    I'm now following you dear and thank you for your lovely comment, if you want to follow me just go to the right bar on my blog and click ''follow on B - Google friend connect''. Hope it helps.
    Wish you the best and hope to see more photos with your pupies soon :)