On Blogging and Dealing with Negative Comments

June 29, 2012

Recently I received a not so good comment from an anonymous commentator. That was the first negative statement I received.  I know I am not the only blogger receiving rude or nasty comments.  Negative Comments doesn’t really mean anything to me but somehow this one comment really get though me probably because what he/she said that “bloggers are busy seeking attention” seriously?

Personal blogging which I doubt he/she understands what it really means isn’t about seeking attention it’s a chronicle of a bloggers life, ideas, inspiration, activities and experiences  that he or she  wants to shares to the rest of the world hoping to reach out and  inspire other people. Blogging is like a live journal and I don’t see anything wrong with that and if our main intention is to seek attention then all bloggers would have posted naked photos of themselves.  Right?

To my fellow bloggers don’t get despair if you receive a negative feedbacks remember:
  1.  We write to inspire and not to please - Realize that sometimes not all people will agree with what we are saying. Don't fret think of your main purpose.
  2. Negative comment can actually add to your blogging success - true it can help us mold into becoming a more successful and better blogger. Don't get upset thank them. 
  3. Don't take it personally - don't let negative comments put you off and stop you from blogging. People have the right to express their opinions and ideas and you're no exception to that.
And last thing, if you're not doing anything wrong then nothing should stop you from doing what you love. =) 

How about you fellow readers what is your stand on rude, nasty and negative comments? feel free to show some love don't forget to leave your blog links 'coz i surely love to drop by. =)

Special thanks to my dear friend and fellow blogger Celeste Seivers of http://comic-chic.blogspot.com/ for making me the most adorable blog button and header. Can't thank her enough since I've been dying to have one but i just don't know how to do it. so it's a dream come true to me.LOL ... feel free to visit her blog. she's doing free sponsors/swap buttons =)

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Hey!

    This is a great idea for a post which I myself was recently toying with.

    While I did not end up writing a post,

    I have had recent trouble with what seems to be a repeat annonymous poster on my blog.

    I agree with rising above it and with your observation that blogging is to inspire those who WANT to be inspired. However I find it ironic that people waste their time writing comments about things they don't like or approve of, when there are BILLIONS of other website or things they could be doing both online or in there life. Nice life right?

    Anyways I tend to ignore annoynmous posts,

    One option many use is a filter on your comments as to act as a moderator,

    By not giving the annonymous poster any satisfaction, they will likely get bored and move on

    Keep up the good work,


    Capital Fashion

  2. Hi Jay true i guess some people just really love wasting their time on putting other people down. so they only way to dissatisfy them is to ignore them =)

  3. Totally agree with you...Have one ''bad'' comment 3 days ago and I was so sad cause I think that all bloggers try to show their style and ideas to other so together we can make great things and go one step up our mind...!!!That's why we have the comment in every post...!!!

  4. Well said, dear! Just keep on blogging and inspiring people! <3


  5. Hello, I just stumble upon this lovely blog of yours since I'm searching for a Thrifted inspired blog to follow. Good for me because I just started my blog and on the process on my first posts. This topic is really helpful for my future post since I can anticipate rude comments right? Thanks a lot dear.. =)

    1. Hi cassie thank you so much for your comment on my blog i really appreciate it. i wanted to comment and follow you on your blog but since i couldn't find a gfc button yet. ill just send you this feedback =) i've subscribe on your blog too =) I know you just started blogging so good luck deear. and if you have questions feel free to message me =)

  6. Very good advice :)Keep it up! I followed on gfc and twitter :)
    xx G