Things I Learned from Blogging

June 17, 2012

It all started with Chictopia yep that is the very first fashion site I’ve joined and although writing is one of my preferred things in the world to do it never really occur to me to blog and let the rest of the world skim through the hidden chronicles of my thoughts. But somehow Chictopia had change that concept. Browsing through the gallery I got inspired, I am a big lover of fashion but I used to be one of those people who are just afraid to take that certain leap and freely expressed myself.  That is one reason why I got piles and piles of unused clothes.  I just love buying them but never actually wore them for fear that people might scrutinize me for being different.  To picture it out - its like “I don’t want to wear a dress where everyone is wearing pants”   

But, seeing all those beautiful bloggers and their unique style I gained confidence. I asked my sister to take a photo of me - the very first photo for chictopia at first I am very hesitant afraid that I might get criticized but I was wrong.  Getting my first comment and first friend request ( I know you know that feeling )triggered me for more.   My chictopian friends are just soooo wonderful and I'll be forever thankful for all their support.   to note here are some of my very first chictopian friends =) Stella of Rhemmel of Style Mafia

Here are the things i learned from Blogging:
  1.  To be more confidentLearning to trust and love your self is one way to gain confidence. Learn how to accept who you are and never limit yourself on things that you can be. Never be afraid to stand for what you feel and what you think. Nothing is more profound than loving one self  and loving oneself exudes confidence.
  2. The Do's and Dont's in Fashion- blogging had opened a totally wide variety of  trends to me. I love reading other fellow bloggers blogs and it taught me a lot of things related to fashion.
  3. To Reach out- Being a blogger you have to be friendly, Don't be afraid to reach out. Join Group discussions, comment on other bloggers post  etc. etc. You can also join bloggers network like IFB - Independent Fashion Bloggers and Better Bloggers  Network.
To sum it up Don't be afraid to share what you know. There are lots of people seeking for answers and they might find it in your blog.. =))

Here are the 2 bloggers network you might want to join =)
Be my friend add me:
Be my Friend add me:

How about you fellow bloggers? what did you learn from blogging? feel free to comment and oh don't forget to leave you blog link =)

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Amen sista! Love this...def feel the same way its so fun to see so much inspiration and to learn to push yourself in fashion ;)


  2. Great post! I too am a BBN member. What I've learned from blogging is to embrace even more of who I am by reading other blogs...everyone is so amazing! Now, on fashion...hmmmm...I'd say I am one who follows no trend, I dress as I feel the moment of dressing, which is something else I've learned from blogging! Loving your fashion style Nana! Everytime I visit you, my heart refreshes and dances with the tune of "Girlz Just Wanna Have Fun" (I need to learn how to do that to my blog) Any tutorials on that??? Tootles!

    ~Simplyy Mayra

  3. Hello Nana! This post is very inspiring. Before, I am also intimidated by so many fashion bloggers, i look up to them as a professionals and as a result several months of deciding as if I want to blog or not. My first inspiration to have a blog is, I have learned so many things from different people around the world. When I put up my blog recently I stumbled upon yours and you're the first one that I followed (syempre pinay rin! and love thrifting too!). I'm looking forward to gain ideas and inspiration from you =)

    Yours truly,

  4. Thank you for sharing :) i've learned many thing about blogging! it helps me and other also! Thank you thank you :D