The Thrifted Vintage

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Recently a friend of mine from Davao came to visit us here in Iloilo and she gave me this beautiful vintage top that she thrifted in a flea market in Davao. I dedcided to incorporate it with some of my thrifted vintage finds.

Vintage Top: Courtesy of a Friend =)
Vintage Distress Mini short by Guess
Ankle Boots: Thrifted in a flea Market
Vintage Sling Bag: Borrowed =)

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The Up cycled Fashion

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Recently i went to this flea market that I've been eyeing for several weeks. It was just a small flea market but  they are selling clothes at a lower price. It's a humid day so thrashing on ukay2x is not really so cool. =) but anyways i was able to spot this floral vanity fair top and i was so delighted, knowing for a fact that vanity fair brands epitomize elegance and VINTAGE.

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My Thrifted Look

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Yesterday I am so bombarded with stress that instead of heading home I went straight to my favorite Thrift Store I never actually plan to go shopping all I ever wanted is to liberate the apprehensions that seems to scrunch what is left of my sanity. Shopping - the feeling you get when you shop is unexplainable =) I mean let’s admit it - shopping and not diamonds are girl’s best friend.  Shopping is a good way to release the stress.

 Unexpectedly the store is jam-packed with fellow shoppers. The Thrift Store is on SALE!!! My eyeball seems to pop out of my eye socket. Because it only means these word – lowest of the lowest price. But of course you have to bear with the crowd.

Today, I'll be sharing some of my thrifted look:

Top:(Thrift Store) bought for about  $1.00
Khaki Pants: (Thrift Store) Bought for about $1.00
Pearl bracelet (Tyangge) $2.00

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The Pearl Necklace

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What you need:

1. Long Strands of pearl necklace - different colors. I have mine in white, light pink and, light gold.

2. Huge Silk Ribbon for the lock

3. Small Silk Ribbon

4. A Brooch -  design of your choice

1. Collect your strands of pearl and make a U-Shape

2.  Tie each end with a silk ribbon. Make sure that it's tight. The ribbon will serve as the lock.

3. Use the small ribbon to tie the front of your pearl. Attached the brooch and Viola!!

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5 Tips when buying in flea markets and thrift stores:

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  • 1.       Be the Aussie that you can be – carefully scrutinized each clothe for damages. Most of the clothes sold  in flea markets and thrift store are pre-loves.
  • 2.      Wear something comfortable ‘coz it’s gonna be a sweaty hunt. Though there are some thrift store that are air conditioned.
  • 3.       Better if you’ll use sling or shoulder bags. Hand carry bags will make your ukay-ukay delve intricate
  • 4.       Patience is a virtue – If you are patient, you’ll be able to find branded clothes.
  • 5.       And last but not the least don’t ever forget to bring Hand Sanitizer =)

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Thrifted Online Buys

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During the past years online buying and selling has been my favorite thing to do. Today I will share to you some of my online bought clothes. I mentioned on my previous post the reasons why i love buying clothes in flea markets. Same reason why i love online shopping.

I feel like little red riding hood in this dress

One of my personal blue dress. I love the lacey section at the top

Love the Mod feeling that this dress brings.

I bought these clothes from one of my trusted seller Elegante Co. (Click Link for her shop's Facebook account)  She sells good quality pre-loved clothes at a very affordable prices. =)

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On being a Thrifty Shopaholic

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I may say I am a compulsive shopper but I am no squanderer. I am not born with a golden spoon on the mouth so I have to be more resourceful and ingenious. I always believe that to be fashionable, one doesn’t have to splurge on expensive designers items. Being fashionable means you are able to collaborate and put together what you already have.  Second you are able to envisage and wear one item in manifold uses.
I am a real shopaholic, a wardrobe aficionada .But unlike Rebecca of the movie Confession of a shopaholic. Spending a lot of bucks on one item is a big No-No to me.  I often procure my clothes in online shops like e-bay, multiply and face book, Thrift shops and flee markets or also known as Ukay-ukay.  In fact I am already a connoisseur in the world of ukay-ukay and thrift shops.  I enjoy it very much for many reasons

1.       I am able to find branded/designer clothes without my purse getting eaten.
2.       Flee markets and thrift shops are the best way to score vintage and rare clothing pieces.
3.       I am not a mall shopper; I dreaded buying clothes in mall for fear that I might encounter someone wearing the same thing I’m wearing. (which unfortunately already happened to me way back in my teen yrs. And believe me it’s very comical and at the same time awkward)
4.       And last but not the least you’ll be able to get more clothes for the price of one designer or expensive dress or top. So which one would you choose? Me? The lesser the price the more clothes you’ll be able to have. =) Have a happy Ukay2x shopping
Boracay Flea Market

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