On being a Thrifty Shopaholic

February 22, 2012

I may say I am a compulsive shopper but I am no squanderer. I am not born with a golden spoon on the mouth so I have to be more resourceful and ingenious. I always believe that to be fashionable, one doesn’t have to splurge on expensive designers items. Being fashionable means you are able to collaborate and put together what you already have.  Second you are able to envisage and wear one item in manifold uses.
I am a real shopaholic, a wardrobe aficionada .But unlike Rebecca of the movie Confession of a shopaholic. Spending a lot of bucks on one item is a big No-No to me.  I often procure my clothes in online shops like e-bay, multiply and face book, Thrift shops and flee markets or also known as Ukay-ukay.  In fact I am already a connoisseur in the world of ukay-ukay and thrift shops.  I enjoy it very much for many reasons

1.       I am able to find branded/designer clothes without my purse getting eaten.
2.       Flee markets and thrift shops are the best way to score vintage and rare clothing pieces.
3.       I am not a mall shopper; I dreaded buying clothes in mall for fear that I might encounter someone wearing the same thing I’m wearing. (which unfortunately already happened to me way back in my teen yrs. And believe me it’s very comical and at the same time awkward)
4.       And last but not the least you’ll be able to get more clothes for the price of one designer or expensive dress or top. So which one would you choose? Me? The lesser the price the more clothes you’ll be able to have. =) Have a happy Ukay2x shopping
Boracay Flea Market

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