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February 25, 2012

Recently i went to this flea market that I've been eyeing for several weeks. It was just a small flea market but  they are selling clothes at a lower price. It's a humid day so thrashing on ukay2x is not really so cool. =) but anyways i was able to spot this floral vanity fair top and i was so delighted, knowing for a fact that vanity fair brands epitomize elegance and VINTAGE.

The top is way to huge for me I'm just a size small and the top is medium.  
But of course i came up something with it =))
Look 1:Mini Dress(Tube)
What I Did: I use the sleeve as a bodice/belt

Look 2: Dress w/ Sleeve

Look 3: As a Tie-around Top

So there you have it. oversize clothes is an advantage =))
Till next post.... XOXO

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