My Thrifted Look

February 25, 2012

Yesterday I am so bombarded with stress that instead of heading home I went straight to my favorite Thrift Store I never actually plan to go shopping all I ever wanted is to liberate the apprehensions that seems to scrunch what is left of my sanity. Shopping - the feeling you get when you shop is unexplainable =) I mean let’s admit it - shopping and not diamonds are girl’s best friend.  Shopping is a good way to release the stress.

 Unexpectedly the store is jam-packed with fellow shoppers. The Thrift Store is on SALE!!! My eyeball seems to pop out of my eye socket. Because it only means these word – lowest of the lowest price. But of course you have to bear with the crowd.

Today, I'll be sharing some of my thrifted look:

Top:(Thrift Store) bought for about  $1.00
Khaki Pants: (Thrift Store) Bought for about $1.00
Pearl bracelet (Tyangge) $2.00

Multi Color Dress: (Thrift Store) $7.00
Vintage Flora Shoes: (Flea Market) $5.00

Forever 21 Top: (Thrift Store) $3.00
Skirt: (Thrift Store) $2.00
Ankle Boots: (Flea Market) $ 4.00
Bangles: (Tyangge) $1.00 each

Tommy Hilfiger Halter Top: (Thrift Store) $ 2.00
Bubble Short: (Thrift Store) $ 2.00 

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