Life Update: Rediscovering the Joy of Blogging Amidst Entrepreneurship

April 17, 2024

Hi! Life has been a whirlwind lately. As an entrepreneur diving headfirst into the world of owning a business, the days seem to blend together in a blur of activity. Amidst the chaos, I found myself missing something—my blog.

Blogging used to be my solace, my creative outlet where I could share my thoughts, experiences, and updates with the world. But as the demands of entrepreneurship took over, my blog became a distant memory, buried under piles of paperwork and endless to-do lists.

However, amidst the hustle and bustle of running a business, I realized that neglecting my blog meant neglecting a part of myself. So, I decided to reclaim that part of me and reignite my passion for writing.

As I sat down to pen this post, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much has changed since I last poured my thoughts onto the digital page. Becoming an entrepreneur has been both exhilarating and challenging, filled with highs and lows that I never could have anticipated.

Perhaps one of these days I’ll share  all the businesses that I’ve ventured through the years LOL. Some still exists while some failed šŸ˜… but recenty I opened a bookshop it’s a dream come true for me. Books have always held a special place in my heart, and being able to share that passion with others through my own business has been incredibly fulfilling. From curating the perfect selection of titles to creating cozy reading nooks, every aspect of running a bookshop has been a labor of love.

Despite the hectic schedule and endless to-do lists, I’ve realized the importance of making time for the things that bring me joy. And for me, that means reconnecting with my blog and the community of readers who have supported me from the very beginning.

So, here’s to rediscovering the joy of blogging amidst the chaos of entrepreneurship. Life may be busy, but I’m determined to carve out space for the things that matter most—like sharing my journey with all of you.

Thank you for sticking with me on this wild ride. I can’t wait to share more updates, insights, and adventures with you all as I navigate this exciting chapter of my life.

Until Next Time ❤️


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