ILOMOCA Presents Poetic Dissent: The Artworks of Jeho Bitancor

September 08, 2018

Art is an expression that is subject to a multitude of interpretations. Yet, whatever medium or manner it is composed, it will always aim to inspire wonder, evoke nostalgia, and poke interest at the worldly realm. This, in turn, stirs curiosity that leads to a quest to find meaning in a disintegrated world.

I have a deep appreciation for art simply because growing up I've always wanted to be a painter myself. I even took up painting lessons when I was younger but unfortunately, painting isn't for me. I don't have a painter's hand, therefore, no matter how hard I strive I'd never achieved a good painting or even a drawing.šŸ˜… Guess, I was meant to be a writer which still gave me an assurance that I can still paint my dreams and my reality only this time with the use of words. As Robert Brault said "The painter needs all the talent of the poet"
Last Night ILOMOCA Megaworld's first ever museum that is located at Iloilo Business park launched the Poetic Dissent: The Artworks of Jehu Bitancor. Poetic Dissent is a two-month exhibit featuring the artist's latest works that will run from September 8 until November 7, 2018.  Some of the artworks on display will be on sale, and proceeds will benefit Iloilo art communities. A handful of the pieces, meanwhile, are privately owned by ILOMOCA patron, Ed Valencia.
Mr. Ed Valencia and Mr. Jeho Bitancor
For the US Based Filipino contemporary artist, art reflects his social standpoint and struggles. Fueled by passion and shaped by experiences, Bitancor breathes new life and meaning to his artworks by recognizing the "poetic potential" of each subject and highlighting society's issues bearing social and philosophical significance.

"I have always sought a balance between the manner of expressing my concerns as an artist and articulating my discontent as a human being. I believe that art must embody our highest aspirations in terms of expertise, intellectual rigor, and imagination, yet must also responsive to and reflective of Zeitgeist or the spirit of the times." Bitancorsaidd in a statement.
Bitancor's solo showcase is an articulation of his own brand of creativity and imagination. Employing the beauty of poetry through juxtaposition and metamorphosis, he creates flowing allegories, ironies, parodies, and parallelism that mirror the standpoint of the present society.

His Work of Art:
Painted by Experiences:

Hailing from Baler, Aurora in 1967, Bitancor graduated with a major in Painting and Visual Communications from the College of Fine arts, UP in 1992. After graduating, Bitancor dabbled in big advertising agencies such as McCann Erickson, Avellana and Associates, Philippine Advertising Counselors, Leadcom Aisa, and Communication concepts, among others.

As a multi-awarded visual artist with local and international recognition, Bitancor mounted 23 solo painting exhibitions. Among the institutions housing collections of his artworks are: Singapore Art Museum, Bulawagan ng Dangal UP University heritage Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery, De La Salle University Museum, National Commission for culture and the arts, CojuancoMuseumm, Balay Segundo Museum, Museo de Baler, Social Security System Art collection, and the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art.

You can check his paintings at 

Case de Emperador, Festive Walk Parade
Megaworld Iloilo Business Park
Mandurriao Iloilo City 
from September to November 7, 2018

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