F&E Valvoline: Moving Forward For We Are #Unstoppable

March 30, 2018

F&E maintains leadership in automotive care for over the past 35 years by partnering with every motorist in 12 branches in 9 locations in Visayas and Palawan, making roads safer for all users, not just for motorists but also pedestrians. 

This year's dealer's conference was attended by 45 top notches Valvoline dealers all over Western Visayas, Negros island, Cebu, Tacloban, and Palawan. F&E Family of stores held the event at the world-class convention and events destination- the Iloilo Convention center last March 9, 2018.

The said event is part of F&E's commitment to deliver the highest quality automotive essentials to its consumers. F&E emphasizes the importance of investing in motoring safety. It is with this commitment that we have gained the continued trust of our valued partners with the F&E's brand.
The award ceremony for the propitious winners of Beijing-Shanghai Disneyland trip has been the festive highlight of the dealer's conference. As adjudged winners of the trip, the lucky dealers will have an exclusive experience of first class hospitality and momentous recollections of memories from visiting reamarkable places.
Moreover, recognition of special awardees of the upgraded Valvoline dealer program has been honored at the convention. Among 45 Valvoline dealers, 3 lucky winners had received cash prized for their prolific resale performance for the entire program period
In partnership with Valvoline Philippines, this conference also highlighted appreciation for the continued support of the dealers to Valvoline products on the resale segment. With over 150 years of excellence in the lubricating industry. Valvoline is a leading legacy in producing premium branded automotive, commercial, industrial lubricants and chemicals.
Not only this conference has recognized and rewarded the awardees but also honored all the dynamic dealers who have put their focus and hard work on growing the base of Valvoline lubricants in the Visayan Market.
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