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April 11, 2017

I have high regard for people working as call center agents. I admire their perseverance and patience. How they manage to stay up whole night. I myself could never endure such thing, working while the rest of the world is in slumber mode. I’ve never worked in a call center, but I know what it’s like for them.
 I sometimes see some of them on my way to work while them; they are on their way home. I can see the eagerness plastered on their faces, the keenness to finally become a human sushi roll on the bed. 

Recently, we were invited by TeleTech to “Experience TeleTech”.  I took the invitation since I am both queer and excited to get a peek of what’s inside a call center also given that TeleTech it is one of the pioneer call centers in Iloilo, one of the largest BPO companies with over 25,000 employees  (still growing) in the Philippines. 

To be honest, I am expecting the work area to consist of claustrophobic rooms with white walls and call stations lined like dominoes.  But no, Teletech with its over 100,000 square meters of leased space are speckled with colorful palettes. (Think of Google Office). With more than 15, 000 work station, 19 large service delivery centers and 2 recruitment hubs still it’s spacious.
But that’s not it they have entertainment room (Karaoke), sleeping quarters, clinic, 24/7 pantry area and it is definitely a safe environment.
Teletech aims to promote a fun & zesty environment to its employees hence they organize activities such as Summer Party, Year end party and Annual Town Hall Meeting that involved their employees in the discussion pertaining their wellness, career advancements other company updates and improvement in their workplace. This event is well-attended by their company leaders as well
During one of TeleTech company's parties
Their recent Summer party 
TeleTech is also involved in various fund raising programs and charities such as gift giving, fun run for a cause and PTO or leave credit can be converted to cash donation

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I'm so happy you(re blogging again !
    Thanks for the post.
    Enjoy your week !

  2. Looks like this was an amazing event! Happy you are back!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. This place looks familiar perhaps. This dreamy location meets real glam at the hands of the manager. It’s sophistication with a dash of bliss. At our visit to the venues in Los Angeles there were several highlights.

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