D.I.Y Egyptian Inspired Safety Pin Statement Necklace

April 06, 2012

Making your own accessories is not only a fun engaging activity to do, but it also ensures that you'll have a one of a kind piece in your wardrobe. Who doesn't want to own a unique jewelry? So recently i had the urge to make something unique - like a statement necklace that is inexpensive.

I wanted to make an Egyptian Inspired necklace and i decided to use safety pins in gold color. (yeah you read it right- Safety Pins). Safety pins are often used to to fasten pieces of clothes together, diapers or patch up torn clothes but, i have discovered a new use to it. so here it is:

Things You'll Need:
  • Safety Pins in Gold (Egyptian Jewelries are often in gold) I used 120 pieces of 

small safety pins
  • A strand of silver chain
  • O-Rings and clasp for the lock

D.I.Y very easy

  • Slide all the pins on the chain using the loop in the bottom of the pin.
  • Once you're done clustering all your pins attached the O-ring to the one end of the chain  and the clasp to the other end this will serve as your lock.
  • And VIOLA! your necklace is complete...very easy to do huh? =) It's cheap, simple yet classy 

I has so much fun making this that i have made more of it with different designs.  I'll share the photos once i finish making it =)

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Amazing! *Heads out to go buy safety pins*

  2. wow, i love this necklace - i am so making this!!!!


  3. Interesting, I've seen many things done with paper clips, but this is a first!