Must See Attractions in Kyoto

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Kyoto can be an exhilarating place for new comers especially for those who desired to have a peek of old Japan..  But where to begin your exploration?  Being the historical core of Japan Kyoto is packed with traditional temples, garden, shrines and if you are lucky enough you  get to see a real life Geisha.  If you were to ask me, I’d say that Kyoto is the most satisfying destinations you can have when you go to Japan. I went there twice and I'm still hoping to go back there again, knowing that there are still places waiting for me to explore.

But what are the top must see attractions in Kyoto? I'm listing down mine based on the tourist spots I visited in Kyoto. I'm lucky to have Japanese friends to tour me around there 


The second place that I went to when I first went to Kyoto. One of Japan's best temples located in northwest Japan. The garden and buildings, centered on the golden pavilion were said to represent the pure land of Buddha in the world. Gold foil covers the upper two levels and a shining phoenix stands on top of the shingled roof. Walking around the golden pavilion lets me wonder what's life like there before.  You can see more of my Kinkaku-Ji post HERE

2. Fushimi Inari taisha 

Listed as one of the top attractions in Japan no doubt about that. It's such a magical place to disregard. I first learned about this beautiful man made wonder when I was watching the movie Memoirs of a Geisha  and It was out of curiosity that made me dream about this place forever that is until I finally came to see the place. I simply can't hold my happiness the second I stepped out of the train that day. You know that feeling that you were so excited you wanted to run, but you can't because your legs are too heavy? Too heavy from excitement that is hahaha. I'm having butterflies in my stomach, it's like finally seeing your first love for the first time! Walking around the shrine is like walking around gates after gates which it has literally over 32,000 Torii (gates in Japanese) and each gate were encrypted with names of local people and businesses who donated and paid for the construction of these Torii's The reddish-orange color represents the sun. The shrine is built in dedication to the god's of grains "Inari" (gods of abundant crop) hence the shrine is linked with success in business.

3. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Ahhh Arashiyama this place I would never forget It’s one those places that I’d wish to see over and over again.  The main reason why I wanted to go to Arashiyama is to see the bamboo forest, but never would I expect to fall head over heels in love with the place. Its lush vegetation and  the cool ambience it makes me want to inhabit the place. Walking around Arashiyama is like walking into another world  
The Bamboo forest which remains as the top sights in Kyoto, no doubt about that the gigantic arrays of bamboo will transport you into a different  world. 
One of the surprising thing you'll encounter along the streets of Arashiyama =)

3. Ninja Village

Ninja’s in Japan have evolved during the historic period of the samurai It has become one of the unsurpassed elements making Japan’s history and culture exceptional. We went to this so called Ninja Village in Kyoto, it’s a remarkable place with it’s truthfully ninja-rific structural designs, it’s like going back to the past. There is so much history and culture and yes, you get to see samurai warriors, real life geishas, ninjas and you can even watch a live ninja show. 

Overall, there are so many great sites to visit in Kyoto, try to taste the glory of the place. It is an adventure that must be taken.

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30 Random Facts ABout Me

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I’m having one of those “not so busy day” wherein I am looking for something to do, Though I am always glad and thankful for rare days such as this, but often my enthusiasm  for idle times would only last for about 2 hours and my mind would begin to look for something to do. I suppose I am  used to a fast paced, hectic environment that indolent hours makes me bored stiff. 
So while my mind is drifting into cockaigne (Wanderlusting inside my head) a blog post idea poked my brain. So Here I am clicking on my keyboard  hoping to complete it within the day. 
Frankly speaking, though when I set writing  this post, I really thought it would be easy, spilling random facts about you can be dandy right? But Not because instead of writing 100 facts about me, I decided to shorten it to 30 hahaha and right at this second I am thinking if I too know myself that well.....Weird!.....but without further ado, here are the 30 random facts about me:  

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5 Reasons to Love Summer

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The scent of summer is like  vanilla ice cream coated in thick chocolate syrup,  always pleasing to the senses. It's not about the warm weather or the raving scorching heat of the sun but, the idea of waking up at 6 in the morning and Mr. sun  is already up made me feel more keyed up. I enjoy having a cup of  hot cocoa  and pen down my to do lists for the day. 

Actually ,there are so many reasons to love summer  and I have listed  mine below.........

1. Swimwears - the excuse to finally wear one. Summer is always a good excuse to dig up your closet for those buried treasures or probably pat your wallet and invest on a new bikini without feeling guilty.

2. No School - for student like me, summer is my favorite season because it means 2 months vacation from head cracking school works and exams.

3. More Activities/Events - aside from swimming you will be treated to endless fun activities and events. Summer festivals and parties you bet!

4. Tropical Fruits - Pineapple and watermelon anyone? you can munch bowls after bowls of fruits without feeling miserable about getting fat not to mention they are infused with vitamins and all the good and healthy stuffs.

and last but not the least

5. The Memories - oh the good, happy, valued  memories that summer brings. It's always a favorite recollection! 

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