5 Reasons to Love Summer

March 04, 2016

The scent of summer is like  vanilla ice cream coated in thick chocolate syrup,  always pleasing to the senses. It's not about the warm weather or the raving scorching heat of the sun but, the idea of waking up at 6 in the morning and Mr. sun  is already up made me feel more keyed up. I enjoy having a cup of  hot cocoa  and pen down my to do lists for the day. 

Actually ,there are so many reasons to love summer  and I have listed  mine below.........

1. Swimwears - the excuse to finally wear one. Summer is always a good excuse to dig up your closet for those buried treasures or probably pat your wallet and invest on a new bikini without feeling guilty.

2. No School - for student like me, summer is my favorite season because it means 2 months vacation from head cracking school works and exams.

3. More Activities/Events - aside from swimming you will be treated to endless fun activities and events. Summer festivals and parties you bet!

4. Tropical Fruits - Pineapple and watermelon anyone? you can munch bowls after bowls of fruits without feeling miserable about getting fat not to mention they are infused with vitamins and all the good and healthy stuffs.

and last but not the least

5. The Memories - oh the good, happy, valued  memories that summer brings. It's always a favorite recollection! 

Swimwear: Here Shades: Rayban Hat: Daiso Japan

What's your favorite summer memories?

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8 Sweet Thoughts

  1. what a fun one piece. I love summer fruit.


  2. I love summer too... when I wake up I feel more invigorated in starting my day because it is light and bright out... I am able to walk more often and I don't have to wear any heavy clothing... it is an awesome time of the year. I have a few more months before it happens for me but I plan to enjoy every moment of it xox

  3. Just missing summer so much, need to get hot soon, like to wear my short dress heading to the beach.


  4. surely the memories! <3