5 Reasons Why Travelling With Your Sister is The best

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As I claimed before I wanted my 2016 to be filled with more adventures, travels and dream pursuing. And a few days ago, my sister and I spearheaded our first adventure together for 2016! I was invited by my friend to travel to Negros Occidental (details  of that travel will be posted on my travel blog) and I immediately leaped on the opportunity, it's been decades since my last travel there, I brought my sister along since it's a good start to kick our travel together! So, whether you are the bossy eldest or the obedient youngest travelling with your sisters is always the best and here are the reasons why:  

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Be The Author Of Your Own Life

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Hi everyone this is my first outfit post for 2016, I think I'm trying to coincide with nature in this green floral print maxi dress that I got from www.abadayshop.com but nevertheless it lights up the bohemian spirit in me. The dress is very flowy and vibrant, something I'd certainly enjoy wearing over and over again.  Anyways, A Bad Day Shop also offers  free shipping worldwide no matter how many items you buy, they also have an online tracking system where you can easily track your parcel. So convenient, right?

Today, I'm also gonna talk about how to avoid getting trapped in someone's life. It's so easy to get carted away and tranquilized by someone's life that we  wish to have too. January is always the month where almost everyone think of how they are gonna live their year, Would it still be the same like the previous years? Would you let someone write your story for you? or are you gonna write your own story, start your own adventure and discover your life on your own? How will your life book be like? Mine? I've actually been contemplating a few days ago on how will my 2016 be. But I am certain that I don't want it to be like the rest of the past year. I'm dreaming for more adventures, road trips, travels and yes to put into reality my biggest vision. You just have to believe that it can be done and when you start your story never compare your book to other's best seller because we all have different walks in life, God gave us a different purpose to fulfill, so each of us have something to write about and each pages are bound to touch someone's life too. You'll never know right?

How will your life book be like? I'll be very happy to know your life stories too. leave it all in the comment box with your blog links.

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Kiss Proof Matte Lipstick Review

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Hello ladies, I am suppose to do this blog post last month but nevertheless I caught up with other circumstances like doing the year end closing documentation at work, baking cakes for new year celebration, I  got a lot of cake orders from friends yay! and  I'm also planning for future blog posts. 
Talking about a blog post, this year we are looking forward  to be sharing more contents on fashion, life, travel, health and beauty. I might be sharing some tasty recipes  and D.I.Y's too! Also tell us if there are some topics you guys want us to write. =)

If you guys have been following me on my Instagram you've seen that I've posted about this Kiss Proof Matte lipstick I got from Ilongga Beauty shop it's an online shop here in the Philippines that sell beauty products at a very affordable price. 

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2015 Best Moments & 2016 Resolutions

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Happy new year everyone!!! I hope you all had a blast last new year's eve! Unfortunately for me, I doze off to sleep before the clock strikes 12  hahaha  though I was not actually able to witness all the fireworks display (ugh!) no regrets, since my mind and body badly needs the sleep. Anyways, 2015 wasn't the happiest year for me because I lost my father to cancer!  But 2015  was definitely the most fulfilling year for me and absolutely the most unforgettable year. It's that year that I have fulfilled some of my ultimate dreams and overcame some of my biggest fears. It was also a wonderful year with all the blessings I have received, the realizations and the determination to even push forward ahead so now I can say I am ready and excited for 2016! But before i head down to my 2016 resolutions here are some of the best moments I have in 2015  
1. Travel to my 2 desired countries  -Thailand and Japan, I always wanted to travel internationally but it's only in 2015 that I have carried it out. It was really an amazing experience!

2. Getting my first tattoo - Overcame my fear for needles by getting inked. My tattoo has a significant representation to me.

3. Started my love affair with baking - I am always fascinated with baking, I love desserts - cupcakes and cakes to be exact. I love to create something beautiful, I love to turn my imaginations into existent art! and it's in baking that I find my comfort. I also wanted to have my own cupcake and desserts shop.  So last July 2015 I decided to start with the basic steps first before pushing through the big goal. But I am very happy to say that my baking skills have improved so far hahah. I am thankful to the people who have taught me on how to bake and to the people who continually believe and supported my passion.

4. Baptismal - I am happy to say that I have chosen to return and walk the road that I once tread when I was still a kid. It's true that when you grow old, the temptation to give in to the world and be consumed with your daily endeavors are strong. I admit that I was hesitant when asked If  I wanted to be re-baptized. I was hesitant because I don't know if I am still worthy to obtain God's grace or if I will be able to abide and stand with my faith. But I liberate all doubts and push through with my decision to come home to God. In my heart I know it's what and where he wants me to be.

5. The Great Realization and the Strong Determination - the death of my father spawned great realization to me. Like a panoramic scene it unveiled how  I wasted so many years of my life over nothing, how I have set aside my goals and dreams and how life is fleeting. So 2015 I tried so hard to re-figure and assess everything to achieve my goal it's going to be a long one but my determination now is more stronger than ever.

2016 Resolutions

I wanted to make this one a short one so I'm just gonna generalize everything

Personal Goal -  I wanted to turn that ideal life that I always imagine into reality. So by 2016 I resolute not to filter myself anymore, to stay focus on my actual goal, avoid negative vibes, cleanse my thoughts, be active at church, be kind to myself and most of all refrain myself from being sluggish if i really wanted to succeed.

Health Goals - Be Healthy and Eat Healthy (the biggest challenge for me perhaps... because i loooove to eat pizzas and burgers and french fries hahahah), Go to the gym and stick to it!, sleep early and avoid stress :D

Blogging Goals: My sister and I we wanted to diversify our blog by branching out to other areas of blogging as well. so we really hope you will still and continue to support us.=)

How about you guys? what are your best 2015 moments and 2016 resolutions?

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