Le Rêve De Toi

12:28 PM Nana Jover 13 Comments

Le Rêve De Toi  French words for I dream of you. That is exactly what I've been doing when I first saw this golden knee high strappy lace gladiator sandal from www.choies.com it is made of  PU and with a lace and back zipper for an easy lace up fastening. ahhh How happy I am when I finally got hold of these flats, it's a dream come true for me! Dreams can be forever, but not entirely impossible not to achieved. (wink) I also got this simple black high waist halter skater dress from Choies still. I always have that notion that Black and gold always look good together. The infusion of these two colors is just magnetic. I don't know for some, but for me it is.

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Homecoming Dresses by Cocomelody

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Homecoming is a ritual practiced in many universities, colleges and high school, it is an event wherein it welcomes the alumni of a school. And comes with this event is the homecoming dance and just like the Prom, Home coming is also a formal affair requiring formal attire. And that is why Cocomelody  is offering homecoming dresses under 100 it comes from different designs and sizes. they have a wide section of  inexpensive short homecoming dresses for 2015.

Homecoming dresses of Cocomelody are beautifully crafted and are being offered at a very low price.The outfits they are offering are definitely a must have for every woman for many reasons to note - First, all of these special occasion dresses are made based on the latest designs that are used in the mainstream fashion today. Second, all these outfits are made from high quality fabrics and also to ensure that you remain chic-looking while on a budget at the same time. 
You can shop for your special occasion dresses at a very affordable price! So now you can afford to buy a dress for cocktail parties, birthdays, graduations, weddings, holiday events, and other special occasions that you’ll be attending into. Shop today and you can use the great deals and big discounts.

Here are my top picks for Homecoming dresses:

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Free Spirit Boho Chic

12:24 PM Lala Granada 18 Comments

Sometimes I want to dance in the woods and be a free spirit like the bohemian gypsies. I love to dance,  it somehow releases my inner spontaneity given that I am not the spontaneous kind but dancing presents a different pinnacle. 

That is why today's outfit is inspired by an eclectic fusion of  tribal, gypsies and bohemian bliss.  We all know that Bohemian trend is one trend that never goes out. Doesn't really require much time to become one,  you can always keep it cool and be free spirited with florals, crocheted and lace tops pair it with comfy slip-ons  and fringes. 

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1:44 PM Nana Jover 18 Comments

Time flies so fast and I can't believe it's July! few more weeks and it's gonna be my birthday month urgh! But you know, sometimes it's really hard to think how time seems to slip right through your fingers like water, especially when you still have so many things to do and in my part the inner girl in me still lingers, never wanted to grow up.  It's a brutal reality that growing up conjures unending responsibilities plus consider the stress you'll have to deal with everyday endeavor, unlike when you were a kid all you ever think and do is sleep, eat, study and play. But then again the  bottom line is we ain't no peter pan or the Cullens and there is no such thing as the Tuck's fountain of eternal youth. So, basically we will have to figure everything out on how to deal with the obstacles of growing up because once you stepped on the invisible line of adulthood you'll be reaching a point of no return and what you will be left of your childhood are just your "imagines"

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