Love Letter to Chiang Rai - The Unexpected Love Affair

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I was on my way to Chiang Rai a province in northermost Thailand when I came up with a notion to compose love letters to places I've been to. To personified a place is Silly as it sounds but exploring a place is like getting to know a probable lover you have to know everything about him.The likes and the dislikes. The need to discover and experience things with him first before you can finally tell your heart he is the one. So sit back and dream with me as I wrote my first love letter to Chiang Rai- The unexpected love affair.

Chiang Mai - The Unexpected Love Affair

"If Iay here, If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?" as Snow Patrol's song "chasing car" blares in my head a wave of nostalgia erodes me. Deep down I feel like a hopeless lover who still longs for a long lost loveIt's 5:00 in the morning and I'm off to a place I've never heard about, I told myself, it's going to be an adventure, it's something I always wanted to do right?, but Chiang Rai inside I was hesitant to hop on the plane and get to know you. I never anticipated such a "YOU" existed. But I can't help but wonder what you look like? I wonder if you could surmount the dying flame that is crushing my soul

But....Chiang Rai you outshine my apprehensions the moment I stepped out of the plane. You were there with your arms wide open and I feel like a child captivated by its first Ferris Wheel ride. Your warm embrace envelopes me and I felt a sensation of belonging. I feel at home.

I know ours is erratic with all the differences. But who cares? In my heart, I felt this is where I belong. Remember the first time our eyes met? I feel butterflies in my stomach, I don't know what else to call it, but that tingling sensation must be the feeling of love washing over me.

I recall the first day you took me out to lunch at that beautiful place with a panoramic view to the river. A place that seems to be locked with December breeze, I quiver with the wintriness but the fog and the tranquility made me never want to leave.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and I'm beginning to wonder - Will I ever see you again?

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Why Blazers Are A Style Staple

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Happy Monday Everyone just this morning as I was having a cup of tea I am over thinking again. Over thinking about what outfit to wear to work hahaha. I am having the urge to wear the crossover cut-out skater dress  I recently got from I barely sport a corporate dressing at work, the dress is not the vulgar or anything in fact it's fun and a little bit flirty but the thing is the dress and with its multi cutouts make it a little inappropriate to work. 

So I was virtually flipping the pages of Stylemoi website and my eyes landed on the blazer and suit section  and that's the time an idea pops into my mind. How do you style a cutout dress to make it look office suitable? with a blazer of course! 

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Mod Fashion

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Hello Lovelies, I am glad that I finally get to do another outfit post. This time I am channeling the Mod Fashion. The past days are like a be never-ending tangle, having to adjust between work and my father's wake. I've been sleeping very late, which caused my blood pressure to decline drastically, my entire body is really weak and I'm having constant headaches. But I am now taking medicines to alleviate the side effects of "sleeping late" and to normalize and keep my blood pressure in the healthy zone.  

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7 Lessons I Wish I Could Tell My 21 Yrs. Old Self

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While it is true that one can never turn back time I can't help but desire that I wish could. I will then sit down with my young self and tell her of the of the many pieces I have learned over the past years and maybe I could make her re-lived and carry out those significant lessons my mature self have learned. 

I must admit that at 21 I was full of dreams, I even have my own list of tasks to fulfill before I hit 25 but those lists end up to be just lists. At 25 I was still a dreamer,  but still have no effort in making those dreams a reality and what's worse, I've lost course and I end up becoming a scanty soul who only lived for the moment. So, here I am imparting some lessons I have learned along the way and pretending to be having a cup of tea with my 21 years old self. 

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