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I am drawn to long skirts lately maybe because I always have a thing for gypsy and bohemian styles and now that summer is arriving soon here in the Philippines I decided to convey my inner gypsy spirit with my outfit for today with a twist of modern touch of course. Gypsies are known for being free spirited people, no rules and restrictions or limitations and this flowy skirt gave me that same notion of liberty while the detailed cut  out on my crop top gave an intricate appeal to what seems a mishmash of plain staples. Sometimes small details such as cutouts can give an entirely different look to simple

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A Graceful Drape

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There's always something graceful and romantic about Grecian dresses, that gracefully draped one shoulder and the lovely flowing dress is so elegant. And this is what this Sexy asymmetrical Grecian inspired dress from Oasap is, it has a dose of glamour and graciousness. I just love how feminine it is. What do you think?

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My 3rd Liebster Award

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My 3rd Liebster award and first for this year =) gratitudes to Fashion Musing Diary for nominating me

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Wearable Art

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I've to mention before on my old post that art has become one of the key inspirations in today's wardrobe designs and I have great admirations with vintage art pieces especially paintings that finding them in clothes can be fascinating. That is why I am very much pleased when Choies released their art wear collections.

This ain't the first time that I get to own such piece. This Oil printed A-line dress with lace sleeves is the 3rd in my collection so far. What do you think of this dress from Choies?

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Bat an Eyelash

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Hi Ladies Here's another outfit I've been dying to have since last year! A big hug and thanks to for sending me my dream dress.
 If you happen to be an active fashion sentinel in the blogosphere you'll realize that this eyelash lace mesh dress became an ultimate hit.
It's not only pretty, but it's a very classy dress. Lace and mesh are making an interesting combination just look at the delicate lace details it's striking. You can also get yours too, just visit Sheinside. They also offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

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Romwe❤Botticelli's Venus Sweatshirt,Only $15.99 on 20th Mar.❤

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Hey ladies Here's another Sweet Sale from Romwe!!!
Botticellis Venus Sweatshirt you have never seen before!
On 1am 20th March GMT,
Romwe “the Birth of Venus” Sweatshirt will be sold at the price of $15.99, whose original price is $39.99. Only on March 20th, only 24 hours!
Worldwide free shipping, shipped in 24 hours.
More than 3000 customers have already added it to the shopping cart.
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So what are you waiting for? Grab this once in a lifetime chance to own this fab sweatshirt!

Thanks for dropping by =)



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Summer Floral

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Being the tropical country the Philippine is we are already experiencing the heat of the summer sun so wearing the most comfortable clothes is a must. This floral romper from is a yes for me because aside from the fact that it's
Made from a light material the floral prints are very delightful that it still reminds me of spring.
The pink aviator which also came from Eyeboxs definitely protects my eyes in the  most stylish and girly manner. And the last but not the least my favorite name necklace from who doesn't like personalized item right?

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Euphoria is what I would describe this red dress that is uniquely designed from CHOIES the feisty red color induced an intense feeling of excitement. Not to mention that it was created in a very unique design that suits for anyone who loves to wear something different. And just look how the back part was designed! Extremely cute!

And the Heart shape sunnies from Choies also brought a touch of Love to the entire outfit. I could have worn this on Valentines Day! It's definitely a must have for every girl. You should check Choies for it comes in different colors.

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Here's another Urban Fashion Style by I've introduced this shop on my previous post Here. As I have mentioned Front Row Shop specializes  in Urban Fashions.
Urban style is really new to me, but I am definitely getting used to it. Just take for instance,this two-layer splicing and overlapping origami skirt and this simple yet it rocks cropped top. 
What do you think?

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“COCO MADE ME DO IT” Black T-shirt Giveaway!

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Have you ever discovered Romwe's COCO MADE ME DO IT black T-shirt?  Love it? 
The unique letters on such a simple tee is so eye catching.  Cool, wild, classic, casual, what is your style into it?  Also, it’s incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down.  It goes well with not only your denim shorts or pants, but also your skirts, leggings, etc.  Just as Coco Chanel said Women think about all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all."  Go to school or parties, hang out with friends or shopping, it will surely make you stand out.
Romwe's is giving this shirt to 1 Lucky Winner. This giveaway is open worldwide!Just Kindly follow the steps below:

1. Leave a comment on the product page via your Facebook account to show your love for the tee. (Click the link below to comment)
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3. Leave the following details in the comment box below following this post:
a. Your Facebook name the one you use to comment on 
The product page.
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This Giveaway will end on March 17, 2014  winners will be announced via my Facebook Page 

Good Luck =)


Congratulations to the winner:

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This minimal gray metallic mini skirt from is something newfangled. Different from my usual fashion choice. But still I wanted to once in awhile channel and try different styles. That is why when I stumbled at Front Row Shop I instantly acclimatize to their urban fashion style. Who doesn't like the unique twist  on ready to wear? Who doesn't like a touch of hip hop and RnB on their wardrobe? I guess we all love having something such as that.

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There are those days when I feel like I am not in my best self. And when that comes about I had a difficult time picking out what dress to put on for the reason that I deem it doesn't seem right. When at that moment I would totally turn on that 1 special outfit I called “crisis relief dress” where I could just put it on and It made me feel like I am in my best outfit. Just like this very simple yet elegant Black Sleeveless above the knee dress with Twinkle Sequins on the chest I got from 
To some who is not yet familiar with eyeboxs  was one of the web's online stores and has been helping the fashion-conscious look fabulous since 2002. Based in China, Eyeboxs offers the latest street style dresses, coats, tops, sunglasses, reading glasses &more

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Summer is Calling

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In some countries they are still in the verge of spring, but unlike the western countries and in some parts of Asia, here in the Philippines we are already entering summer. Come to this is the preparation of summer outfits and one of it are the 2 piece swimsuit. Choosing the right swimwear for your body shouldn't be that hard, especially if you can choose over an array of selection. 

It so happened that I have found this Livco Corsetti swimwear from
Don't get confused though Vitovenice is a fashion company that carries different brands such Livco Corsetti and Babalu France, which I already introduce in my previous post HERE.

For everyone's knowledge Livco corsetti is a polish brand that offers lingerie an alliance of trendy fashion and manufactured with the best quality raw materials such as tulle, embroideries and silky laces. Livco Corsetti rhymes with a delicious blend of candor and elegance..

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  My first outfit for March is a lovely and cute pair from Banggood the red lip pattern on the skirt is so sexy in a comical way which made it amusing to wear. I opted for a red and white color combination to concur with the lip pattern. What do you think?

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Different Fashion Styles with Handpick Look

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If you are someone like me who happens to be a fruit salad dresser then 
Is the online shop you should check.  They offer all sorts of styles from trendy to edgy and many more.

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