Stripes and Tulle

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27 Sweet Thoughts: Clothes Giveaway

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Hello Dear readers today I'am gonna give you another set of beautiful giveaways from 1 lucky winner will get the chance to win 1 item of her choice. 

So what is It is a leading global online company operating in the international wholesale/retail market. What makes unique is the fact they are not only selling fashion clothes but they also specialize in selling electronics! Their goal is to always provide their worldwide customers with high quality products at the lowest factory wholesale price.

Other Color available: Ivory

Other colors available: White and Blue
Other colors available: Green, White, Yellow, Rose, Black, 

And Here's another catch you can get $20.00 GIFT CARD FREE if you wanted a different item!


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Thank you and Good Luck =)

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Harajuku (Halloween Party 2013)

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Your Heart is Where Your Dreams Are Featuring CHOIES

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Miracles Aren't Always Big

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"If you spend all your time looking for big miracles, you're likely to miss a lot of the little ones;
God is giving you little miracles all the time. The more you look for them, the more you will see". I received this beautiful  message via my favorite Facebook application God Wants You To Know.  And it made me realize that it is indeed true, most of the time we wish for big miracles to happen that we fail to notice the little wonders that God is providing us day by day.  From the food on our tables to coming home safely from work or school everyday.
Just this Morning a 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes the Philippines. I was at the top of the stairs going to my room when it happened. At first I thought I'm just having another vertigo jiffy. I only realize that we're having an earthquake and a very strong one when our furnitures and the house started to quaver. And it's just a miracle that me and my sister who are left in our room on the second floor while the rest of the family went running outside came out alive and unharmed. 

This is what I wore today, yeah I decided to wear pants just in case we will have another earthquake. I won't have a hard time running. No joke at all.

So I'm gonna leave you with this quote from Jon Bon Jovi 

“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you”


Top: Thrifted
Shoes/Pants: SM Department Store
Sunnies: Dickies

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The Mad Hatter's Hat

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A Not So Secret Life + Vintage Buying Giveaway (Open Internationally)

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Here's another Giveaway in collaboration with Vintage Buying. Vintage buying is an online shop that offers the very best retro and unique vintage fashion.

 Vintage Buying offers clothes and accessories that are timeless, inspirational and affordable,  each design is infused with culture and history that makes Vintage Buying unique.

So Today, 1 WINNER will get the chance to WIN 1 item of your choice!

Prizes at Stake


a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Name
2. Email Address
3. GFC Name
4.Link of your chosen Item

Contest will end on November 11, 2013
The winner will be notified via their email address


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Sweeter the Second Time Around

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Give It A Shot

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Rodeo Plaid

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Intoducing Coco

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Coco Fashion is an International online shop based on Hongkong They offer a wide array if women clothing’s for retail and wholesale. With Coco fashion you’ll find an extensive selection of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Hongkong fashion that is reasonably priced.  

The best thing I observed at Coco fashion is that items are organized Per category so it’s easy for shoppers to search for trends that they fancy. Whether you're the girl who loves punk style or retro or simply just the girly girl like me who loves floral and frills then you'll gonna loveCoco-Fashion.

So here are my top Coco-Fashion Picks for autumn. Since I am the typical girlie - floral is the main element in my wardrobe.

You can never go wrong with this green cute princess style floral patterned mini dress. You can also pair it with cute stockings to keep your legs warm from the zephyr of autumn pair with your wedge boots or flats You can buy this item HERE

This orange V-Neck blazer with floral details is just too cute to ignore. It's a perfect topper for a cozy night or a walk on the street. Buy it HERE other colors available are gray and blue.

Don't you just love this fit and flare mini dress? The floral sleeve accent is so cute! You can wear this on a date night or even to work! Take a peek of this daring  and bagged it HERE

Who says that  summer is over? Go shopping with your girlfriends or take your dog for a walk with this floral print Korean fashion short (belt included) and never say goodbye to summer. Get it HERE.

Every girl must have at least a pair of leggings and my choice is this white floral pattern leggings. You can wear it with almost anything! Grab yours HERE

Oh my! I honestly have a loooonnng list but I'll be giving you my top 5 pick so you could Explore yours now so visit Coco-Fashion!

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Blues Clues

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Lately I’ am drawn to blue colors I keep searching at online Stores for blue dresses, skirts etc and I’ve been looking for a perfect top to match My lion bandage skirt which I bought a few months back. I guess the sheer blue top match with it perfectly.

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Let's Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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Happy October Everyone!!! Geez how time flies so fast! Sometimes it scares me that time is fleeting and not me Being aware how rapid it is. Most of the times we fail to enjoy every moment That is passing not realizing that everything is momentarily. Often I wish that I could just save every memory in a bottle so that I could look at it when memory Would start to fail me.

So today I took the time to stroll down memory lane. It's always good to reminisce those good old happy days. It makes you realize how fortunate you are to be alive! Indeed it's true that you will never  know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Today I opted for a Parisian look prolly because of the beret!  I adore the French style they're classy and chic no wonder that France is one of the leading countries in the fashion industry.

Thanks for visiting A Not So Secret Life. Feel free to leave your thoughts and blog links.


Cut-Out Dress: Local Philippines  Store
Bag: Valentino
Pearl Collar Necklace: Cassie Thriftier
Shoes: fairytale
Beret: Local Philippines Store
Sunnies: Dickies
Watch Guess

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