Candy Crush

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This is not an appraisal about the game candy crush but it Is where I exactly took my inspiration for my outfit today. The pop of color in the my top reminds me of that game. It’s never a secret That I am the girly2x type so floral and lace is always my choice.  I decided to wear a neon socks to add to the tutti fruitti look.

Yay I am very happy that I can finally braid my hair up again. 

Thoughts? =)


Floral Top: Mags Ph
Lace Short: Etrechick Closet
Floral Wedge: A Gift
Vintage Satchel: Sul-ob Moda
Sunnies: Dickies

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Let the Good Wind Blow

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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A huge hug and thanks to Christine of Beyoutiful Hope for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award it is such an honor to receive this. =)

I always feel delighted every time I receive an award because I felt like everything pays off - the late night blogging, the brainstorming, and of course not to mention the endless photo shooting. And I am very happy to know that in one way or another my blog has inspired other people.

So Thank you So Much =)

Very Inspiring Blogger Award 
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  3. State 7 things about yourself
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7 Things About Me:
1) I am a cookie Monster
2) I am in love with Japanese fashion
3) I always keep a "Someday" bucket lists
4) I love taking pictures and hope to become an excellent photographer someday
5) I have an online shop Vanita Sorella which I manage together with my 2 sisters
6) I am an impulsive buyer 
7) I easily get stress =(

Blogs That Are "Keeping The Blogsphere a Beautiful Place":
These are blogs I often love reading because they have inspired me one way or another.



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At The Crossroads

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I was inspired by the sermon at the church yesterday and it drives me to write this post. Because lately I am also trailing a lot of crossroads and I am sure some of you are also in the verge of choosing which road to take and yeah picking the right road is tough especially if you do not know where that road leads to. 

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The Secret Garden

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Team Betty

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Something Different

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Have A Nice unpredictable Day

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A Healthy Hearty Breakfast in Pink

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