A Not So Secret Life is a Life and Style blog by Nana Jover and Sister Lala it chronicles their musings for fashion,Food, writing, beauty discoveries, inspiration, aspirations and travels.


Hi Everyone I'm Donna but I prefer to be called by my blog name Nana. I founded A Not So Secret Life way back in 2012. The reason I started this blog is because I wanted to chronicle my passion for travel, fashion, writing and life itself. I fancy classic, laid back, street style, Japanese and Korean fashion. I love pink, pastels and anything that is cute and girly. For me fashion is a mirror of oneself  and nothing can be  psychologically more rewarding than to be able to express yourself and inspire others through it, Agree?

Recently, (April 2015) My youngest sister decided to venture on the same road as I do - Blogging. I've been blogging alone for the past 3 years already and it made me think that perhaps it is now time to joint forces with another soul who shares the same ardor as I do. As they say two heads are better than one :)

So, I really hope you will still support this revolutionary choice I have made. ;) 

Hello my name is Curtny but you can call me Lala. I got my nickname from a teletubbies character "Lala" which is my favorite. I am 19 years old and a Pharmacist student. I wanted to blog just like my sister because like her I wanted to express my self through fashion. I also want to take another route aside my usual interest. I love to dance, play volley ball, hanging out with friends and travelling.
email us at: nanajover@hotmail.com

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