Playa De Paraiso: Truly a Paradise

May 09, 2021

 It has been one year and the pandemic has taken a toll on everybody, financially, academically, and socially.  The ennui is building up in me every day. I needed an exigent escape, I needed a place to run away from dullsville.  Even just for a while, I would like to be free and insouciant.

As soon as I heard that the travel restrictions to Guimaras have been lifted, I immediately scrambled  to pack my bag to take French leave together with my friends.  

We were ecstatic and were off the next day. There was no need to dwindle and dwaddle. We knew that the best place to go is none other than Playa de Paraiso. The first that I was here was way back in 2019, I fell in love with this place and I knew that I had to go back. 

As soon as we stepped in and received the ever welcoming hospitality of the staff,  It brings nostalgic feelings. A home away from home.  Playa de Paraiso is the nostrum of my frazzled self.  Who wouldn't be relaxed with the invigorating mise en scene?

I could take a dip in any of their three pristine swimming pools or hit the beach.  Since I was there to unwind and clear my thoughts.  But immersing myself in the beauty of the seascape.  

With a plethora of choices that surely satisfied my gastronomic cravings, Playa de Paraiso's home-cooked fare paired with their cozy accommodation made my quick escapade worthwhile.

šŸbook your next staycation at Playa De Paraiso a secluded resort located at Brgy. San Enrique, San Lorenzo Guimaras
šŸ3 swimming pools
šŸWifi in all rooms
šŸ›Œ ROOM Rates:
Fan Room for for 2 - Php 1,000
Standard corner (AC) - Php 2,000
Standard Pool Side (AC) - Php 2,500
superior beach front - php 2,800
K-rooms - Php 2,500
deluxe - php 3,500
All room’s max of 6 person
Excess person Php 200/head
Corkage charge php 250 each room
šŸCOTTAGE Rates:
Beach Pavillion - Php 3,000
medium - Php 500
Small - 400
Entrance (kids) php 20
(Adults) php 40
Corkage 100 drinks 100 foods

☎️ for reservations please contact:
0966-394-5730 / 0918-27-40380

TAKE NOTE: SECURE first your Inbound Pass 

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. It's beautiful there, and wow, their room rates are not pricey!

  2. Looks like a great place to stay at.

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