Grab brings the fun of Filipino festivals to our homes through GrabFood Online Food Fest

September 05, 2020

 Filipinos live for fiestas. Throughout the year, we look forward to feasting on Filipino food favorites while bonding with family and friends as we celebrate this nation’s rich culture. While the current pandemic has put a halt to these gatherings, Grab is not about to let the fiesta tradition go uncelebrated.

Letting Filipinos relive the fun of fiestas through food, GrabFood is holding a nationwide Online Food Fest, allowing Filipinos to celebrate in the comfort of their homes while uplifting the local businesses in need of stronger support from the community.

As part of this, GrabFood’s Nationwide Online Food Fest offers promos to make various food offerings affordable and accessible. Eye-popping discounts await everyone, such as a 25% discount on hometown favorite restos, buy 1, get 1 deals and 50% off on select favorite brands.


Adding to the fun, a raffle will be hosted and 28 lucky winners will get a chance to win a year’s worth of GrabFood. There will be one winner from each of the seven participating cities per week for a 4-week period, and each winner will get PhP 60,000 worth of GrabFood.  Every order via GrabFood is an instant raffle entry with no minimum amount required. The promo is valid in Cebu, Davao, Pampanga, Iloilo, Bacolod, Baguio, and Cagayan De Oro from August 17 to September 6, 2020. Catch the last week of the promo and a grand GrabFood feast might just be waiting for you!


“At this difficult time, we would like Filipinos to enjoy something that makes them happy – food. GrabFood aims to provide people with food they love while at the same time stimulating the local economy by supporting local businesses— making it a win-win situation for everyone,” said GrabFood Philippines Head EJ Dela Vega.

Relive the fun of fiestas with the GrabFood Online Food Fest! With GrabFood, food delivery can be just as happy as dining out.

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