Take Me Back To: Baguio

June 13, 2020

Covid 19 is probably the most stressful and biggest plot twist of 2020, who would have thought that in a blink of an eye everything changes. It felt like the world halted - locked in time. There's a huge recession, stores closing down, travel plans postponed and people trying to survive making ends meet. 

Honestly, I have to say that those three months of quarantine have a profound effect on my mental health, the first two months were the worst. I am used to a busy life and the mere thought of getting isolated for too long triggers my anxiety and made me dependent on Ventolin. But hey, I survived just when I thought couldn't hahaha
More than 3 months have passed since the big surprise and the world is entering the "New Normal" phase. I can't help but feel giddy that anytime soon I can pack my bags again and go on traveling. And If there is one place that I would love to go back to - It's Baguio and perhaps I'll hike up to Sagada! and with this, I can't help but reminisce that one time Iloilo Bloggers Inc. traveled to Baguio, I wasn't able to blog about this before, so here I am tapping my keyboard reminiscing those days.
When you mention Baguio the first thing that would come to one's mind is "Strawberry and Pines". This summer capital of the Philippines has always been everyone's perfect getaway during the summer season because while it's scorching hot in other PH places here it is unusually cooler. This is actually my third visit here but still, I can't get enough of this place.

STRAWBERRY Picking in La Trinidad:
Your Baguio experience will not be complete without a trip to La Trinidad strawberry farm where you get to harvest your own strawberry. La Trinidad is located less than six kilometers from Baguio's central district. The price is about Php 300 per kilo if you pick your own strawberry or you can just buy for about Php 150 per kilo. And also don't forget to try strawberry ice cream and taho!
The Old Diplomat Hotel
If you're up for a little scare then The Old Diplomat Hotel is a must-visit, labeled as a haunted hotel because of its dark past. A place that is rich in history. Dominican friars vacation house during 1911 but later became the Japanese headquarters during World war II, and it was said that horrific acts where committed in this place like nuns and priests were beheaded. 

It was during 1945 that the Americans bombed the place and some of the Japanese forces committed suicide in this place. fast forward to 1973 the place was turned into a 33 bedroom hotel hence the name "The Diplomat Hotel"It was in 1987 that the hotel ceased its operation and the building was abandoned. 
And it was said that headless apparitions can be seen roaming around the building at night.
Baguio still has so much places left for me to explore and I can't wait to go back there real soon. Good thing of course that Cebu Pacific is back with its Piso fare,  you can see the details HERE 

Cebu Pacific is more ready than ever to accompany every Juan on a safe journey to their desired destinations. 

 Having everyJuan’s health and safety in mind, the airline will continue to promote social distancing and minimize face-to-face contact between passengers and staff. You can read tHe guidelines Here:

So plan your bucket list because#EveryJuanWillFlyAgain soon...

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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I so want to go strawberry picking one day.


  2. Hi dear, you are not alone with the quarantine effects. I'm in Cebu and things are still getting worse here every single day. I'm not gonna lie, it took so much of my mental health too especially that we are in no work no pay basis. It's crazy but I prwy for good things to happen still.
    I'm happy that you get to visit this awesome place. It's actually one of the places in my bucket list. I'll definitely go and roam around once everything is okay. The strawberries look yum and you look great!

    Love lots,

  3. Couldn't agree more with you about that blink-of-eye effect of Covid. I was also reminiscing my travels these past years because of lockdown. Hoping everything will go back to normal again, not the new normal... Anyway, keep safe.

    -Nicole, <a href="httpx://totravelandwander.com>To Travel and Wander</a>