TMC Iloilo campaigns to beat cancer thru ‘#YOUCANCERpass’

January 31, 2020

According to the Global Cancer Observatory (Globocan) in 2018, there are over 140,000 new cancer cases in the Philippines. In line with the call of beating cancer, The Medical City Iloilo has launched a campaign that highlights the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of this illness which is considered as a “silent disaster”. 

Dubbed as “#YOUCANCERpass”, the said campaign aims to educate the public about the cancer treatment options available and to relay the message that there is a hope to win the battle against cancer.

TMC Iloilo’s #YOUCANCERpass Campaign officially kicked off with “One for All, All for Cancer”, a trade fair for the benefit of the cancer patients on January 29-30 at Festive Walk Mall. Booths offering different products such as local delicacies, organic items and beauty products were showcased as part of the trade fair. 
TMC Iloilo and its partner organizations share the same advocacy of fostering a healthy and sustainable community as part of the proceeds of the trade fair will go to exhibitors’ chosen cancer patient. “Through this trade fair, we are helping our local entrepreneurs at the same time, support of our cancer patients. But most importantly, we want to highlight that cancer isn’t a life sentence. 
We can win this battle together through early diagnosis and proper treatment,” said TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Dr. Felix Ray Villa. Aside from “One for All, All for Cancer” Trade Fair, TMC Iloilo is also having series of postgraduate roadshows in the coming weeks in the provinces of Aklan, Antique and Capiz. The said roadshows target to educate various health professionals, specialists and experts in the said provinces of the newest cancer treatment options available locally.

Proving to its claim as the “Trailblazer in Healthcare in Western Visayas”, TMC Iloilo is paving the way to win the battle against cancer with the new cancer treatment options available here. Grounded by its patient partnership service philosophy, TMC Iloilo offers cancer patients treatment options that is best suited to different cases.
Among the cancer treatment alternatives that TMC Iloilo offers include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted treatment, Transarterial Chemoembolization (TACE) and the Non-Surgical Ablation (NSA). \
TACE is a new cancer treatment usually done to patients having liver cancer. It is being performed in order to restrict a tumor’s blood supply by injecting chemotherapy and synthetic materials called embolic agents. 

Meanwhile, NSA has two types – Radiofrequency and Microwave Ablation – which are both directed to the tumor. It is often performed to tumors found in soft tissues such as liver, lungs, kidneys and bones. 
Unlike chemotherapy, NSA directly targets the tumor thus, the good cells are not affected by the treatment. TACE and NSA are both minimally invasive procedures reducing side effects and making recovery among patients easier and faster as compared to other cancer treatment options. 

More than those new cancer treatment services, TMC Iloilo also boasts its cancer specialists and interventionists who have years of experience in their respective fields – an assurance that patients will receive nothing but the best care they deserve. “These are exciting times for cancer treatment. Research has made unbelievable strides in recent years such that the survival rate for cancer patients has nearly double due to the discovery of novel targeted agents and immunotherapy,” said TMC Iloilo oncologist Dr. Jay-ar Palec.

 Learn more about available cancer treatment services at TMC Iloilo! Call (033) 500-1000, email or on for updates. (

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