Playa De Paraiso is Your Next Escape Destination

August 23, 2019

 I sometimes find myself flirting with the idea of going someplace far whenever anxiety or stress kicks in. Traveling heals and I often dream of traveling to another country where I can immerse myself in different cultures, traditions, learn different languages, try different foods and get lost. But of course, I can't always do that "out of the country escape" but I can always do that out of town escape hehehe tricky eh?. The thing is the Philippines is blessed with beautiful places, just imagine 7,641 islands waiting to be explored and just minutes or hours away. 

Recently my travel buddy and a good friend of mine decided to just pack our bags and go on an instant staycation.  You know one of those jolting decisions. But nevertheless, unplanned mini-vacations are the best. Honestly, we don't know where to go when took the pump boat from Iloilo port going to Guimaras all we know is we wanted a solitary place where we can truly relax.

We search google for resorts in Guimaras and we ended up choosing Playa De Paraiso. The fun part is we don't know the resort or how to get there. But we are one of those "Dora the Explorer" type travelers. Circumstances such that excites us. 
A motorcycle was our means of transportation and we have to ask several locals where Playa De Paraiso is. And what seems like an eternity of "just go straight ahead" we finally reach our destination. My first impression upon entering the gates to the resort was "Hacienda! It looks more like a sprawling Spanish mansion with a vast garden.
Located along the outskirt of San Lorenzo Guimaras, Playa de Paraiso promises a truly relaxing sweet escape. The staffs are very accommodating and made sure to tend to all our needs. The resort hotel has that homey feel.

Popular activities in the surrounding area include cycling and water sports.
Playa has 3 swimming pools 2 for adults,1 for kids and a beach. The Hotel has its own restaurant which serves "lutong Bahay" foods. There is also a minibar with different selections of wines. Wifi is available in all rooms
 ROOM Rates:
Fan Room for for 2 - Php 1,000
Standard corner (AC) - Php 2,000 
Standard Pool Side (AC) - Php 2,500

superior beach front - php 2,800

K-rooms - Php 2,500
deluxe - php 3,500

All room’s max of 6 person
Excess person Php 200/head
Corkage charge php 250 each room

šŸCOTTAGE Rates:
Beach Pavillion - Php 3,000
medium - Php 500
Small - 400

Entrance (kids) php 20
(Adults) php 40

Corkage 100 drinks 100 foods

☎️ for reservations please contact:
0966-394-5730 / 0918-27-40380


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