#MakeItSafePH: How to Untangle Self from Online Shopping Addiction

November 02, 2018

Technology has made everything so effortlessly, one of which is online shopping. Through the years online shopping evolved into something colossal that it became part of human life. Imagine shopping at the comfort of your own home and no long waiting lines at the cashier. In our minds, we feel relieved that online shopping exist - no denying about that everyone loves shopping online.

But we failed to realize that those beautiful dresses, those shoes, those bags, those trinkets, those mega sales veiled us from seeing ourselves getting tangled from the web of online shopping addiction. I'm guilty as charged I won't deny that I am a certified online shopper addict. It all started 12 years ago when a friend introduces me this international online auction store, I was a neophyte to online shopping then that I find everything so thrilling especially when I won the bid and finally got my first parcel from abroad. Years passed and more online stores sprouted and there I was shifting from one store to another and before I knew it my bank savings are declining.
I know it is easy to give in to temptation, addiction has its way to hijack our brains that we find it so irresistible.

I know exactly how it feels to scroll on your social media and then pop a mega sale and control yourself from not clicking the link. In your mind you're like "I'll just take a look.. I won't buy.. Just gonna check.." and then debit cards are out hahaha.  

How to Untangled thyself from online shopping addiction? I'm not going to say I'm totally clear from being an online shopper addict, but I'm proud to say that least I have lessened my online shopping addiction for quite some time now. How I did it? 

1. Admit that you are an online shopper addict - this is perhaps the first step. Admitting that you have a problem will help you resolve it. 

2. Uninstall/Do not install shopping apps - avoid the necessary apps that will trigger your shopping addiction. 

3. Avoid compulsive purchases - if by chance you cannot really avoid clicking links then try to avoid becoming a compulsive shopper. Ask yourself if you still need those stuffs or will it serve you well. Remember the law of NEEDS vs WANTS

4. Do not lie about your spending - keep track of your spending sometimes when we see how much we spent in a day will help us realizes that we're already spending too much. 

5. Invest your money on business instead - if you have a business your attention will divert on your business that you will have no time to think about online shopping. 

Remember t those tiny voices in our heads telling us to go shopping is sometimes not good for your bank accounts :D

Everyone should be vigilant to feed and educate their selves about the risks of technology. It makes our life more easy true,  but there are risks that come with it. That is why I give my full support on Globe Telecoms #MakeitSafePH campaign as this helps people become more aware of the positive and negative impact of technology in our lives.  The campaign also teaches the public proper online etiquette so that they would not become a source of such deplorable behavior. #MakeitSafePH Campaign is cybersecurity and cyberwellness campaign to educate consumers about online threats and what they can do to avoid becoming a victim

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2 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I keep track of all my purchases every month.


  2. Great tips!

    I used to fail at all those points, but luckily I'm now a recovered online shopping addict