Chasing Wonder in Baguio: Where to Eat

June 14, 2018

Baguio is not just a beautiful and a people-friendly place but it is also a place packed with good food. I know this post is months late already but now that I'm back in Manila I can't help but reminisce about our time when we were in Baguio. I know I should have written about it earlier but I had to admit I got stuck with a writer's block but today's rainy weather and blogging over Netflix seems to inspire me hahaha

It was last March that I along with my fellow Iloilo Bloggers traveled to Baguio for Air Asia's Chasing Wonders. Being foodie travelers it's no surprise that part of our itinerary is to rassasy ourselves with whatever Baguio has to offer. 

We reached Baguio at around 10 am and had to admit that our stomachs are already growling in anticipation. Where to eat in Baguio?

1. Oh My Gulay  a forest-inspired vegetarian resto with a good view of the city. Stepping inside the place is like stepping inside an artist mind and a secret oasis. You’ll find art galleries showcasing traditional arts from the Igorot culture and a hogwart inspired staircase. Their menu is one of a kind too with names such as Anak nang Putanesca, Saging at Mani Love Affair, heneral luna’s punyetang shitale, tandang sora parmigiana and many more. Prices ranges from Php 130- above. 

Location: 5F La Azotea Bldg. 108 Upper Session Road. Baguio City 
⏰ 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM 

2. 50’s Diner - as the name suggests this place is all about the 50’s. The place is filled with 50’s memorabilia and there is a jukebox too. Food serving is very hefty it's as if you're dining in a giant restaurant where every food is made giant. 

I am in love with the interiors given that I am an old soul myself. It's like you're being transported to another era which is really delightful because this place lets us experience what dining was like during the 50's

Location: 📍 105 session Road, Baguio
 ⏰ 10 AM - 10 PM 
☎️ 074 423-0537 4.

 3. 456 Hot Pot - cheapskating in Baguio is easy if you're looking for a more budget-friendly resto with home-cook meals for as low as Php 80.00  456 Hot Pot is the place to be. Despite the low price serving is really good. Food is an infusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisine. 456 Hot Pot is  📍located along session road  and opens ⏰ 24/7

4. Sizzling Plate - if you're craving for the sizzling kinds of stuff, then the sizzling plate is the place to be. It is also one of the famous steakhouses in Baguio. The place has the "barn" feel with its wooden interiors.

The place is often jam packed with people, hence it's advisable to go there early to get yourself a table otherwise you will have to wait.

Food s tasty especially the steak. Price is affordable with serving size that is just right for one person. 

I have to say though that the place is wafted with smoke coming from the grill so be prepared to smell like steak when you're done with your meal and the place is a little bit humid.

Location: 86 session road, Baguio
Opening: 10 AM-9 PM

That's it and thanks for dropping by =)

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  1. All the food looks amazing. Sounds like you went to some great restaurant.