Young travelers off for an epic trip for Cebu Pacific’s Juan For Fun 2018

May 27, 2018

Nothing is more enriching and eye-opening than experiencing a place through traveling. And it’s that time of year again for the country’s number one backpacking adventure—Juan for Fun, to embark on a week-long epic trip to discover more about themselves and the world around them.

 In partnership with SMART, Fujifilm, and Jake Bros., this year’s Juan for Fun 2018 Epic Trip is bringing five winners to beautiful Philippine destinations for seven days for free—promising an experience that is filled not only with fun and adventure but also with lasting lessons and memories.

Composed of fresh and spirited young Filipinos, five winners were chosen from over 13,000 nominations via Facebook. They are Michael Saturos from Surigao City; Elmo Ador, Jr. of Iloilo; Frances Banico of Sultan Kudarat; Ronil Jr. Ferolino of Zamboanga del Sur; and Jonathan Cuanso of Baguio City.
 Each winner is bringing two companions with them, sharing their epic adventure with their friends and loved ones.
The teams will be coached by celebrity and travel vlogger Bea Binene, social media personality Baninay Bautista, travel writer Jude Bacalso, vlogger Kimpoy Feliciano, YouTube creator and travel personality Wil Dasovich, and Becoming Filipino’s Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann.

Team Ronil from Zamboanga Peninsula led by 19 years old Tourist Guide Ronil Ferolino. Teammates: Deofranco Mahinay, 21 and Rose Ann Canoy, 23
Team Kim from Sultan Kudarat led by 18 years old aspiring traveler Frances Banico. Teammates: Loraine Filomeno, 18 and Mark lao, 18

Team Elmo from Iloilo led by 18 years old aspiring soldier Elmo Ador Jr. Teammates: Chriselda Elaine Ador, 20 and Glyxx Dexcer Valenzuela, 18
Team Nathan from Baguio led by 20 years old Student Teacher Jonathan Cuanso. Teammates: Kenny Galvan, 23 and Echo Inso
Team MJ from Davao led by 22 years old Environmentalist Michael Saturos. Teammates: Mendel Cristine Naigal, 21 and Marian Jule Cedeno, 22
All five teams, together with their travel coaches, gathered at Ibiza Beach Club in Cebu for a send-off party before they embarked on their epic trip. To get the adventurers ready for Juan for Fun, coaches helped them create their own itineraries through a game. Teams completed their itineraries by picking places from a list of Cebu Pacific destinations such as Batanes, Dumaguete, Masbate, and Puerto Princesa.

Adding to the excitement of their trip, teams were given a Special Fun Challenge Booklet which contains activities that they must try throughout their Juan for Fun journey. From chasing waterfalls to climbing a mountain, to traveling with a purpose through promoting sustainable tourism, these activities will help teams earn points for a chance to win GetGo points or round-trip tickets.

Special awards and more prizes await these teams at the end of their great Juan for Fun 2018 Adventure. Follow the fun and excitement as the teams go on their week-long Juan for Fun 2018 Epic Trip at Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun page (@CebuPacificJFF) and through the hashtag #JuanforFun2018.

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