Some Travel Tips and #Magic Moments

May 30, 2018

Stuck in traffic jams and delayed flights are among the most stressful moments in every traveler. But circumstances, such these are inevitable. I have to admit that I myself am prone to stressful moments given that I easily get stressed over the small stuff

But somehow I have begun to understand that stress can drain your energy and ruin your travel mood. The trick is - to counter the possible stressors. So instead of letting stress enveloped you, turn the unfortunate event to magic moments by doing activities that will divert your attention. 

So whenever I travel I see to It that I have these stuff in my travel bag:

1. Bring Some Food - In the heart of stressful moment...Eat... Whenever I travel I always have food with me like biscuits and crackers. My usual choices are Magic Crackers chocolate creams and Magic Chips Cheese. Should I say I am chocoholic and cheeseholic? but really chocolates and cheese can help beat stress.
2. Bring Some Book - bookworms do know how reading can calm the mind. Therefore, instead of wasting your time aggravating, grab a book and read.
3. Play Some Virtual Games- I'm pretty sure that all of us bring our gadgets with us when we travel and most of us have games downloaded on it. In my case, I love playing games that challenge my mind. My current favorite is the new Jack N' Jill Magic Crackers mobile application that is downloadable on play store and i-store.

The app is divided into 4 parts - Games, entertainment Videos, Announcements, and links. For the games it includes 3 fun activities:

1.  Magic Match - players have to swap different cracker tiles to make three or more same crackers.
 2. Magic beats - if you enjoy creating music this is the game you will love.
3. Magic in a Pack - this one is a surprise but it's surely is Magic hehehe you have to download the app to know what I'm talking about. :D

You can download the app on:

or visit their Facebook Page:

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1 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Have snack in the car is a must for me. Specially on long trips.