Behind the Screen: #MakeItSafePH For Your Words Can Kill

April 06, 2018

During my elementary years, one of my favorite past time is playing "Bitay" - the Filipino version of the game The Hangman.This game can be synonymous with today's cyberbullying because it simply points out that by keying the wrong word one can end up - dead.

As technology advances so are the alarming increase in suicidal rates caused by cyberbullying. A study in Britain found that at least half of suicide cases among young people is caused by cyberbullying. 

In the Philippines, statistic shows that cases of cyberbullying have increased by 70.74% as of 2016. And according to Phillippine National Police Anti Cyber Crime Group (ACG)a total of 782 cases of cyberbullying were reported to ACG since 2016
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Cyberbullying is a serious matter that needs everyone's attention. It needs to end.  Understanding cyberbullying it's causes, effects and how to prevent it might save someone's life. 

According to the survey made by last year, this is how bully victims are being bullied online. And "Sending of a nasty private message" made the #1 spot at 68% followed by "Spreading of Rumors" at 41%
and the effect:
and 9% succumbed to drug or alcohol abuse.  Experts say bullying is never a rite of passage. The effects of it can remain forever in one's being. Make a stand against it by getting involved on how to avert it. Nowadays numerous organizations and companies are making a global stand against bullying.

Companies like Globe Telecom who took upon itself to ensure that the society as a whole remains safe from numerous threats facing everyone using the internet. This concern gave birth to the #makeITsafePH campaign under its CyberPinoy cyber wellness program. 
The campaign covers all stakeholders such as big corporations, small and medium-scale enterprises,  government agencies, colleges and universities, and the general public.

HootSuite, a US-based social media management platform, has released its “Digital in 2018” report of social media and digital trends around the world.  The report revealed that the Philippines now has 67 million Internet users, with all of them active on social media.  This widespread use of the internet gives rise to the emergence of Internet-related crimes such as rape, theft,  bullying, and piracy which made the public, especially the youth, very vulnerable.
Because of this, Globe Telecom, being a purveyor of the digital lifestyle, came out with the #makeITsafePH cybersecurity and cyber wellness campaign to educate consumers about online threats and what they can do to avoid becoming a victim.  The campaign also teaches the public proper online etiquette so that they would not become a source of such deplorable behavior.


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  1. People sometime don't realize that there words can hurt.