Feast of Love at Seda Atria

February 14, 2018

Never let the most romantic day of the year stresses you out. Although it's the time to be cheesy and romantic and all that. Valentines's day could also mean satisfying the palate of your favorite foodies in your life. 
But if you're single or in an LDR you can still satisfy your own palate or perhaps treat your family to dinner. After all, Valentines isn't just for lovers. 

With this Seda Atria Celebrates "Feast of Love " on Valentines Day with a romantic four-course dinner in their Velvet Function Room on the 7th floor and complete with string serenades by a guest performer. But aside from the four-course dinner, a dinner buffet will be held at Misto on the ground floor.

Two days before Valentines Day, Bloggers and journalist were invited by Seda to try the four-course dinner and here is the preview of the foods. 

For starter, we have Smoked Salmon topped with mixed salad and chives oil on a tart crust and Creme Fraiche on the side. The right combination of sweet and tangy.
Smoked Salmon Tart
For the soup, we have oven roasted tomato with apple and bacon tidbits and cooked to perfection.
Oven Roasted Tomato
To clean the palate before proceeding to the main course. we have the Pineapple and Mint Sorbet.
Pineapple and Mint Sorbet
Main Course: 
For the main course, guest can choose on

1.  Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon - a combination of  Pumpkin Risotto, batonnet vegetables with tomato and mango salsa.

2.  Stuffed Chicken Breast Valentino - Stuffed chicken with roasted bell pepper mozzarella cheese and parmesan risotto, green asparagus and balsamic glaze.

3.  Braised Australian Beef Tenderloin -Mashypeas potato, chateau of vegetables in red wine mushrooms
Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon
Stuffed Chicken Breast Valentino
Braised Australian Beef Tenderloin
Sweet Temptation Dessert: 
and we finished the four-course dinner with this sweet duo temptation dessert. 
A shot of layered dark and white chocolate mousse with oreo creme on top and Red Velvet Lava cake.
Four- Course Dinner
February 14, 2018 | 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm | Velvet
Php 2,100 nett per person
Dinner Buffet
February 14, 2018 | 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm | Misto
Php 1,200 nett per person
Seda Atria at 506 8888 or email sales.ilo@sedahotels.com
Facebook: HERE

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