My Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience

January 19, 2018

The best part about traveling is to be able to learn and experience a country's culture and tradition. And to accidentally experience one is... unforgettable. 

The Japanese Tea Ceremony (Way of Tea) is a cultural activity in Japan that was developed hundreds of years ago. It involves comprehensive preparation and serving of green tea called Matcha. 

In Japan, there are two classifications of tea gatherings: Chakai - informal Tea gathering that includes thin tea, confections and light meal and Chaji a more formal tea gathering that includes a full course Kaiseki ( a traditional Japanese dinner that consists of different small dishes that are artistically arranged), thick and thin tea and a confection.
As I was saying my niece and I are just fortunate enough to accidentally witness one. We were out in Midorigaoka Park in Itami documenting autumn when we stumble upon an open Korokan. (Korokan is an ancient guest house for foreign diplomats) we could hear soft music coming directly from the place and being the Dora the explorers that we are...we invited ourselves in. We're greeted by smiling Japanese people wearing Yukata and kimonos.
Tea Ceremony fee ranges from 500-1000 yen but they let us join them for free. They also taught us the proper way to drink tea.
The very friendly Teishu or Tea Ceremony Teacher

you can also see more of the Japenese Tea Ceremony Glossary Here

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  1. This looks like a wonderful experience!