Discover Kobe: Kitano- Cho - A Blast From the Past

December 19, 2017

My recent trip to Kitano-Cho made me realized that there is so much more to Kobe. That it is not only a city that is garnished with high-end brands like Coco Chanel and  Issey Miyake. 

When my cousin told me that we will be going to Kitano-Cho I have no mental impression of what Kitano is or what to expect from the place. I didn't even bother googling it because I was thinking that it's probably another shopping center. It took us almost an hour to get there and to my surprise, Kitano Cho is an epitome of an elegant past and vibrant present.

Situated at the foot of the Rokko Mountain range, Kitano -Cho is an abode to many old foreign mansions it was because during the 19th century when the port of Kobe was opened to foreign trade, foreign merchants and diplomats decided to settle at the place.  And it is presently open to the public as museums. 


More or less where you will likely find fascinating mansions. Some of the mansions I get to see are: 

1. Ben's House that was built in 1902 and the former home of English world traveler and hunter Ben Allision. So expect to see stuffed animals that he collected from around the world.

2. Italian House or The Platon Decorative Art Museum built in 1910. Every corner of the room is filled with ornaments and artworks.

3. England House - built in 1907. it is where you will usually find a collection of Sherlock Holmes memorabilia.

4. France House or Yokan Nagaya - built in 1904. A home furnished with French furniture and artwork and you get to see a vintage Louise Vuitton trunks.

and of course, there are still more mansions in Kitano Cho like the Kitano Foreigners Association, Yamate Hachibankan which was built in the late Meiji period, Uroko House, and the Dutch and Fragrance Musuem.
* Opening Hours - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
* Kitano- Cho is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Kobe
*You can also buy combination tickets that include 2-8 houses. Cost may range from 600-3000 yen depending on the number of houses you want to visit or you can buy individual tickets for each house. The fee will usually range from 500-700 yen for each house.
Stairs leading to a temple
Not your typical Starbucks cafe eh?

Kitan- Cho is about 15-minute walk from Shin-Kobe Stations and 10- minute walk from Sannomiya Station

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