Zaful Double 11 sale! Breakdown price with only $1.1!

October 30, 2017

Are you wondering what is Zaful Double 11?  Well, "Double 11" means November 11th, which is a day when Chinese people go on massive Internet shopping sprees because many online stores offer huge discounts on this day. 

In recent years, double eleven has become China's e-commerce industry's annual event, and gradually affect the international e-commerce industry.

This is the day for crazy shopping, everything you'll find is on big sale!  So here it is! We invite you to join this insane annual event. If you miss it, you will regret it.
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Zaful Double 11 Pre-heat
During Zaful Double 11 pre-heat, there are several things you could do:
1.Get a coupon and ready for the Double 11, you'll be able to get coupon codes up to$100 off! These coupons will be activated after the Double 11 events begin. 
2.Daily check-in for massive Z points!  50 Z Points = $1. When you collect a minimum of 50 Z Points, you can use them for discounting the order price. 
3. Some products will be revealed during pre-heat. Can't wait for that long and want to aim your targets earlier? No problem! This might be the only chance to get them at this price!
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Zaful Double 11 begin
To make sure you’ll enjoy your crazy shopping trip in Zaful Double 11, they offer you these things:
1. Free shipping, no more issues for the annoying shipping fee! Breakdown price zone with everything starts from $1.11! Daily check-in is still available, claim your free Z points.
2.Huge deals of Zaful double 11 - All free shipping!

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