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October 02, 2017

 A bandana and a cute skirt can go a long way. I’m a firm believer with the saying “Travel light” no need to bring your entire closet with you when you travel.  You just need to learn how to mix and match your outfit. 
Accessories are also a must have just like this cute little High Waisted Grommet Lace Up Bodycon Skirt I got from A cute red bandana, lace socks, and a stripe print top can give it a different hype.

But given the current weather situation here in Japan – raining one day and then extra sunny the next day. It’s always hard to figure out what to wear.  But lucky for me that this skirt can go with any styles. Pairing it with a denim jacket or hoodie is never a problem.

But I suggest if ever you want to buy this skirt, choose a size smaller than your usual size. I'm a size Medium but I think it's a little bit too big on me. Rosegal also offers free shipping worldwide. Just check their site and see more of their collections.
This is what I wore during our trip to Kitano-cho, Kobe a city district at the foot of the Rokko mountain range yesterday a place where you can see old houses and mansions. (I'll share my kitano travel experience soon)

At, fashion is attitude and fashion is a lifestyle

I'm wearing: 

Skirt from Rosegal
Top from Forever 21
Shoes from Fila Tiva
Lace socks from Zaful

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