Findr App Officially Launched in the City of Love

October 15, 2017

Through the years people’s living pattern radically changed because of technology. At some point it had made everyone’s life easier. True, that with just a click you can do your shopping, dining, banking and stay updated with everyone else without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Various applications were launched promising convenience to everyone, but only a few could live up to its promises and only can be considered as real “lifesavers"
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Findr application is among those I can consider as useful. Launched last Sep. 29, 2017 in Iloilo. This application helps one find and discover events, friends and everything that matters in the universe. It Notifies you on the latest happenings in and outside the metro based on your interests. Lets you explore all the dining and great places in the city. It lets you interact with random people or people with common interests and it keeps you updated with your family and friends.

So, How does it work?
First you have to download this application on Google Play for android and istore for Apple

Second Enter your mobile number for confirmation

Third enter the code sent to your mobile number for verification

Fourth Create your PIN and you're done.
You can earn points by sharing your special DNA Code and you can use this points to buy items you want or you can also find discounts coupons for free and  you can use it on Restaurants, Salons, Hotels and many more. 
To know more about this application and to know their partner stores visit them on their:

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