Visa Guide: How to Apply for a Japanese Visa in PH

September 16, 2017

Japan is probably included on every traveler’s travel bucket lists. Can’t blame them Japan and its distinctive cultural and historical heritage is something one has to experience. It is where ancient traditions sync with modern day.

Everywhere you go you’ll be jolted back to history, take a trip to Kyoto, visit Osaka’s castle and temples and you’ll be traveling back in time. From Geisha roaming the streets of Kyoto to Ninjas and samurais in Toei Kyoto Studio Park to Sumo matches one can experience a thousand years traditions.

Or head over to one of the World’s fashion Capital – Tokyo and see the one of a kind, eccentric fashion scenes. I don’t know if there is another country that could match the quirkiness that Japan is. 
Not to mention that Japan is always up to date with the latest trends and amenities. Cleanliness and hospitality are their top points too.

But sad to say, unlike other Asian countries, Japan is one of the hardest to obtain a visa from, but lucky for us though that there are certain agencies in the Philippines that could help assist with visa processing, no need for you to go to the Embassy of Japan since personal appearance isn't really required.
But mind my words though when it comes to visa processing only trust the experts. Airfares are now affordable considering some airlines like Cebu Pacific and Jet star would sometimes have promo seat sales.

Where to process your visa application? For my trip this year we sought assistance from Friendship Tours Manila processing fee if Php 1,200 + 300 for courier service (for them to shipped back your documents when the process is done).   
1. secure all necessary documents. 

For Tourists Visa:
All documents must be original unless otherwise stated.


  • Broken passport is not accepted. Passports must be signed and must have at least two (2) blank visa pages.

2. Visa Application Form

  • Application Form Here. A4 size bond paper
  • The application form should be filled out all items correctly, If the item is not applicable, please fill in [N/A]. Embassy may not accept the application with a blank item, no signature or no date in the form; may deny the application that is filled out incorrectly or wrong information.

3. Photo

  • Specs: 4.5cm x 4.5cm, with white background.
  • Photo must be taken within 6 months.
  • Please write applicant’s name and birthdate on the back side of the photo.
  • Photo must be pasted on the application form.

4. Birth Certificate

  • IT must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide).
  • If the birth certificate from Philippine Statistics Office (PSA) is unreadable or has incomplete information, please submit the birth certificate issued by PSA together with a birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar.
  • If the birth certificate is “late registration”, please submit in addition, a baptismal certificate and school record (Form 137) from high school or elementary and School Yearbook (if possible).
  • If there is no record in PSA, please submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” from PSA together with a birth certificate from the Local Civil Registrar.

5. Marriage Certificate (if the applicant is married)

  • IT must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide).
  • In case there is no record in PSA, please submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” from PSA together with the Marriage Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar.

6. Daily Schedule in Japan (TAIZAI YOTEIHYO )

[If applicant will shoulder part or all of his/her travel expenses]

7. Bank Certificate (make sure you have enough fund in your bank account) Ideally 100K.

  • Validity of Bank Certificate is three (3) month from the date of issue

8. Applicant’s Income Tax Return (Form 2316) clear Photocopy (latest)

[If Guarantor who lives in the Philippines will shoulder part or all of the applicant’s travel expenses]

9. Guarantee Letter

10. Proof of relationship between applicant and guarantor (e.g. Birth Certificates etc.)

11. Bank Certificate (original) and Income Tax Return (ITR Form 2316) (clear Photocopy) of Guarantor

2. Deposit your payment via their bank account. You can choose either BPI, RCBC or Banco De Oro.

3. Attached deposit slip on your documents and send it to Friendship Tour.

Address: 3F Dusit Thani Manila Ayala Center Makati city Philippines 1226
that's it! once friendship tour received your documents they will let you know by calling you on your mobile phone. 

I have to say that Friendship tour agents are very accommodating.They made sure to cater to all your queries and see to it that you've submitted all the required the documents. 

But again made sure to check all the necessary documents before submitting it. 
But again made sure to check all the necessary documents before submitting it. 

For questions feel free to leave your thoughts on the FB comment box below or private message me on Facebook.

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